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Porter Cable 14" Bandsaw vs. Ridgid BS1400

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  • Porter Cable 14" Bandsaw vs. Ridgid BS1400

    Well, as my previous post showed I was having problems with my Ridgid BS1400's lower wheel. Well after having the warranty folks replace my lower wheel with a new one that was even more out of balance then the original one and still having my warped lower wheel effect and also fussing with the left handed thread bolt that mounts the wheel. I decided that I would return my saw back to HD 10 months after purchase.

    Well Gotta love em for taking it back and getting cash and not store credit!

    So I picked up the new Porter Cable saw form the blue box store and WOW! huge out of the box advantage over the ridgid unit! I had Zero vibration except for a half second shimmy on startup! I was in love and havn't even cut with it yet.

    After setup and using the stock blade I attempted a resaw of some redwood I had laying around and it came out sweet! next I installed a 1/2" 4tpi ridgid blade that I was going to use on my BS1400 and despite the blade having a slight bow at the weld it re-sawed a peace of red oak tree branch that had some wild grain in it with ease!

    The only disadvantage with this saw is the fact that you lose the fine adjustment for the lower blade guide and your limited to a 1/2" blade max ...So the manual states.

    Dust collection is the only real issue I have with this saw. At first glance it seems to be that same as that of the BS1400 how ever the hose attachment is mounted down lower from the table then the BS1400 resulting in a very un-efficient setup. However this can be modified im sure through the use of duct-tape.

    Yet for the bigger table and 2-speed option along with the under cabinet storage this saw is a winner in my book for the entry level band saw market!!!

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    Re: Porter Cable 14" Bandsaw vs. Ridgid BS1400

    Congrats on your new toy!