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    Dan351 - for what it's worth I bought my 3650 right after xmas with full knowledge of the arbor issue and, thanks to all the great input on this forum, had a pretty clear idea how I could deal with it. I liked the fit and finish of the saw, thought it was great value for the money and had a good warranty. I'm a weekend woodworker and for what I do now and expect to do in the future the saw is perfect. I took my time setting it up, followed the instructions closely, read the setup help posts in this forum and ended up with a precision machine. Is it a cabinet saw? No. But for my purposes I really couldn't be happier. Ridgid's rapid response to the arbor issue just cemented my belief in the saw and Ridgid CS. Here's a URL that I found as I was researching the saw that helped me understand its capabilities a bit better -

    Hope this helps


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      Have a friend that had to "one up " me and got the Grizzly. Had to pay extra for a left tilting blade, had to wait a week to get it, had much more assembly to get the thing running, had a broken part on arrival and had to get his work area rewired to even fire it up. Now Grizzly makes fine products, but for my money the RIDGID is a great saw. I did lots of home work and nothing compares for the price.

      By the way, just finally registered after being a reader for some months. Have learned a ton. But the mention of these other saws compared to RIDGID motivated me to sign up. Looking forward the adding my two cents.
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        So far the only complaint I have about the Ridgid (aside from the arbor) are the crappy screws they sent with it.

        I am not a big guy or anything and I do not typically tighten stuff down using a whole lot of machismo. Yet I broke two bolts while assembling the unit. One was a table extension bolt (Which I bought a new one from Lowes but have not gotten the old threads out of the table yet) and the other was a screw that holds on a bracket for the herculift (replaced already).

        Also... There were some inaccuracies in the manual. For instance: Putting on the fence rails it says 4 screws for the front and 4 screws for the back. There are 5 holes in the front and the machine came with 9 screws total. Uh... oops. The other thing is the tool sizes for attaching bolts. Don't know about the rest of you, but my machine came with inch threads and metric heads. I am still trying to figure that out. The manual called for a 1/2" wrench but you really needed to use a 12mm wrench. And then I seem to remember the herculift system taking a 10mm for the bolt and a 7/16" for the nut. Not a big problem or anything and probably done that way assuming that most wood workers would not have enough mechanics tools laying around to have double 1/2" or double 10mm. Whatever.... Just little nit-picks on my part.

        Other than that... As long as you have a nice strong friend to help you lift the bad boy up after putting on the extension, you are good. And make sure you have c-clamps to level out the top of the table once it is upright!!! I think the manual said you can do it without the c-clamps but I found that the clamps do an awesome job and mine went to gether like butter (except for that broken bolt).

        I know some people have mentioned issues with the legs twisting but I have not seen that yet and I love how solid the saw feels.

        I looked at the Craftsman and Delta versions of "big" saws before I went to Ridgid. Could be that Home Depot has more compentant people putting thier stuff together on the floor (I doubt that), but at Sears and Lowes the other saws did not feel as sturdy.

        Oh... And I think Ridgid may have a better warranty than some. I know they beat Sear's warranty. Sears was 1 year I think and Ridgid is 3.

        Did anyone buy the extended warranty from HD?


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          Grizz 444z is a great saw, its 2hp motor is TEF. It arbor is long enough and built in such a fashion it will work with any dado blade. Its a solid saw and will serve you well for years. If you want it on casters the ones available from Woodcraft can be attached and makes it mobile in the shop. The solid top and wings do not have finger gotcha slots in it.


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            Doctor -

            I got a few bruised knuckles from using a 1/2 inch socket and combo wrench putting my 3650 together so I'm right there with you about the hybrid SAE/Metric bolts. Thought I got a bad batch. Only had the saw for a couple months now, but I'm loving it.


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              Psemme, good luck with your new saw! I think you hit on some valid issues. I am in the same boat as you (weekend woodworker), and feel that the 3650 is an excellent value. I agree that OWT/RIDGID is taking steps to enhance their customer service image.

              Doctorew, you have hit on some valid nit-pics that have been addressed before, such as the famous "leftover screw". Welcome to our world! But, all in all, most do agree that the manual and the packaging is first-rate. And yes, they do use cheap screws and bolts. They are fine for a one-time tightening, but I did bust a couple of screws when I had to remove them for one reason or another, then put them back on and tightened them really well. SNAP! Others have experienced this, too. If I ever decide to get wild and crazy, I'll replace the hardware with chrome plate or stainless.

              Congrats on your new purchases guys.

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                The new bolts I got for the table top are actually allen screws... Very nice construction and not overly expensive. I am thinking about changing out all of the table screws for the allens.