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    The Ridgid planer got mixed reviews. I didn't understand how snipe can be good in one wood (oak) and poor in another wood (pine). Is this consistent with what users here are finding or just maybe a particular unit problem? If anyone else read the review or can dispute the findings please post opinion. Thanks.

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    I don't care what anyone says...I love my
    Ridgid planer.
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      The FWW Tools & Shops Annual Issue No.160 had Jointer & Planer reviews. The Ridgid pic was accompanied by:

      Heavy. Smallest amount of snipe (tie). Fastest and easiest knife changing. Least noisy. Easy-to-use cutterhead lock. Moderately priced.

      The average snipe per side was less than 0.001".

      Yer pays yer money, gets yer review, and takes yer choice!



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        Originally posted by Curly Qsawn:
        The Ridgid planer got mixed reviews...... anyone else read the review or can dispute the findings please post opinion. Thanks.
        Funny things happen in Magazine Reveiws. Just so happens that in the same issue that has a four page add for Delta gives Delta the top honors!
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          I've had a Delta planer, the original 12 1/2, I didn't like it at all. I have the Ridgid now and love it. I hardly have snipe problems as long as I'm careful with how I'm planing it.


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            I'm with John54,
            reviews come and go. Some show me what I already know, some surprise me...this recent one surprised me! I've got the RIDGID planer and have never experienced what WOOD reported. I think the machine works like a charm.

            I also agree that some mags have questionable results based on advertiser $$$, but I'm not convinced that's the case with WOOD.

            If you're considering purchasing the RIDGID planer, my advice is go for's a great machine at a decent price.


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              I realize mags are like people - everybody has an opinion...or two. What I didn't understand is how you can have more snipe in one wood species than another. Especially that big of a difference. Not having used a planer before is that a pretty true picture?


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                It could be common to have less snipe in a hard wood than a soft wood. Since the rollers are not solid, there can be some give when feeding the board through. I would assume that the more dense a board is, the less snipe one may get.

                BTW, just read the arcticle and couldn't understand why they gave the single speed Delta the nod over the other single speeds. Also didn't know why they wouldn't review the DeWalt since it is likely to be on the market just as long as the others before it is gone.


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                  Curly, I have no personal experience with that planer. But, I'll bet a quarter that the bed needed to be waxed. Pine is very "sticky" when sliding against metal, and sticking to the bed is the easiest way to get snipe. Oak doesn't have this stickiness.

                  That's a basic flaw in magazine reviews, some of them seem to just pop the machine out of the box and expect it to work. That isn't the way the world works, in my experience.



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                    There is also a review on bench-top planers in the current issue of American Woodworker. It came in the mail just a few days after the Wood Issue. They have a interesting view on why they don't rate the planers based on snipe.

                    From what I remember, they claim that it is very hard to get a consistent measurement. It often varies between passes and even between different units of the same make and model.