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  • Band Saw Recommendations

    Looking to buy either a 9" or 10" Band Saw. I am a novice so I do not need to break the bank nor anything too heavy duty, just decent quality. What brands should I be looking at?

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    Re: Band Saw Recommendations

    I have a 9-inch Ryobi BS902 that I have been very pleased with. It's only aluminum frame and plastic cover, but does have a heavy cast iron base for stability. The newer BS903 features roller bearing guides, upper and lower wheel brushes, wheel tracking adjustment knob, blade tension quick release and a table extension bar. It includes a miter gauge and a work light.

    Mine is vibration free and has ample power for most needs. It's priced right around $100 at Home Depot and comes with a 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee and a two-year warranty.

    Sears has a small Craftsman with a welded iron frame and cast iron table (IIRC). It looks like a very solid unit, but it is priced a bit higher at $129, with a 1-year warranty. However, the website reviews don't give it high marks.

    Craftsman also has a similarly designed 10" bandsaw, but it is priced up around $179.

    When such questions have been asked in the past, most replies have been to save your money for a "real" bandsaw... no less than a 14-inch. Up in that size there's quite a few choices and most are up in the $400 and above range.

    I bought my Ryobi as a beginner unit with the idea that it would be an adequate tool to learn with. It has served me well and I've had it about six years or so with absolutely no problems and so far I've had little need to move up. But that said, I mostly use it for trim parts and other small needs. It will resaw a 2 x 4 with no problem and for cutting small parts, patterns for later use with the router, etc. it has proved ideal. It is also probably the safest cutting tool in my shop and that lets me do some cuts that I would never begin to aproach on another tool.

    I hope this helps,