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JP0610 - Can you get shaping blades to make trim?

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  • JP0610 - Can you get shaping blades to make trim?

    In the next few days I'll be getting this jointer and one of my many projects for it will involve an extensive amount of odd sized trim.

    I was planning on setting my Freud jointer up as a shaper on a router table and using that to make trim, then I got curious if blades existed for the jointer to turn a 3/4"x6" piece of pine into trim?

    Does Ridgid wsell them or is there a good aftermarket for them?



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    Along with a JP0600, I have a moulder/planer. Moulding knives are big, they wouldn't fit into a jointer's cutterhead, or clear the tables if they were mounted. The ones I use are an eighth inch thick, and two to three inches "tall". If I recall correctly, for any amount the knife sticks out, it needs to stick into the head twice as far, so to cut a 3/4" deep profile requires a 2 1/4" minimum knife height.

    Your Freud (I assume you meant router, not jointer) will do a good job. Be certain to give good thought to supporting your stock as it is fed, kickback on moulding bits is a real hazard.



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      Dave's right. There isn't enough clearance on the jointer head to do molding. Besides, you would not want to make than cut "freehand". With no feed rollers feeding the stock your material would want to buck and kick, plus it would be hard to get an even cut.