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drill press - benchtop versus floor model

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  • drill press - benchtop versus floor model

    i am shopping around for a drill press and wanted to know the advantages and disadvantages between the benchtop model and the floor model. leaning towards getting a benchtop model but wanted to know when i would need to use a floor model that a benchtop model can't do.

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    I currently have a bench model only because I traded someone out of it. I wished I had a floor model because of the distance between the bit and the table.I've needed the extra length countless times but I had to figure out something different each time.If I were you I would get a floor model because you don't know how important it is until you need just a little bit more room but don't have it.Then you waste alot of good time trying to figure out how to make it work.........Donny


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      I used to have a benchtop. Gave it away.

      Couple problems. The smaller benchtops don't have a slow enough low speed. Mine was around 500 rpm, that ruined a couple large (expensive) Forstner bits.

      And, you don't save any space with a benchtop. The size for bench and floor are about the same, but you can put the floor model just about anywhere. Moving the benchtop around was not a pleasure, even the small ones are heavy.



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        Drill press has always been one of my most favorite tools. Used to have a bench top, now have floor model. Besides speeds as Dave mentioned, the other problem I always seemed to run into was not enough throat clearance. (Floor models typically 15"-17"). Bench models usually run from about 8" to 12". Glad I now have the extra clearance/capacity.

        Space wise a decent bench model will occupy about the same sq. footage as a floor model. Most WWorkers usually don't have enough benchtop space and lugging a benchtop DP around is about like carrying a sack full of bowling balls. Bottom line: buy a good floor model and you will never outgrow it. Buy one with a good range of speeds (as in low) and whatever other features appeal to you. Here's a link to a discussion on DP's. After you read this you will be an expert.


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          Thanks nmirhan for asking this and thanks everyone for you input. I have the same question and will take all of this into consideration.