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    The fence itself is of the same extruded stock. The difference is in the locking mechanism and shape of the rails; along with the locking hand design. I prefer the larger handle on the 2424 for reasons of my own personal loss of use of hands and loss of finger control. It's just easier for me to deal with.

    I have the later version of the 2424 with a micro adjust trunion. Mine is allen set screws and not the easiest to reach with any shape wrench. I was told (I can not conferm this) that the 3612 micro adjust trunion is equiped with paddle screws not requiring a wrench to adjust. Of little concern to myself.

    Once I dial in the trunion, I hand tighten the trunion bolts, then hit it with a pnematic impact to set it solid. I've done this twice in over a year since purchase.

    Once was a totol realignment of the trunion after a mishap with a broken 1/8" drill bit end imbedded in stock I was ripping. The trunion was not tight enough to hold it's position from the factory.
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