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    My 2 Cents worth. I'm not one who will slam a company unless I have had experence with that company. Ryobi is one. I've owned there tools and found them to poor quality all but one failed shortly after the warrenty was up. I can say then same for B&D, RCA and GE. As for other forums. There are some out there who will slam you if you dont own the right tools even if you dont ask for there advice about that tool. Care in point I went on a forum to ask about a outfeed table for my TS2424. In two of the three replys I got they said to come back when I got a real table saw like delta. I'll back Ridgid all the way as I will Makita and Porter-Cable. Jake does a great job. This is one forum that does make you feel a part of a team and member of the family. That my 2cent [img]smile.gif[/img]
    Dan<br /> <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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      Dan---you speak the truth Agree about your evaluations of brands, at least as to tools.

      It is pretty sad that some have to slam someone's tool in that manner---I'm very blunt, when someone asks about choices in buying a tool, but you don't have to belittle someone's existing tool.

      Other than the stock fence, there's nothing wrong with the 2424. They've made some nice improvements, over the years. Plus, to my knowledge, none of the other higher end brands have such a great forum as this one, to support users.


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        Well said, Dan.

        Dockdick: I have a 12V Makita 3/8" cordless that is about 4 years old and I love it. I've also put a fair amount of mileage on another fellows 18V DeWalt, and it too is a great tool, though the trigger is a bit more sensitive than the Makita's (important when you're just trying to nudge a screw a hair). I also have a 3/8" DeWalt corded, which is a gem.


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          Bought a 12v. DeWalt approximately in 1993 and have used in contracting work, at home and side jobs. I am still using the original batteries, but it is starting to whine and lose power. No complaints and will buy another. I have dropped it off step ladders numerous times with no resultant damage. This one must have been blessed.


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            Dave Arbuckle:
            In the case of the BT3000, I have seen them (the owners) take nasty beatings on-line, stuff that is just unwarranted. I don't blame them a bit for wanting to go off to a forum just about their machine. Add to that, it is a very unusual machine, advise on what works for a contractor's saw often won't help them.

            Just want to thank Dave for this reasoned, even-handed observation. I'm a BT3000 owner, love it, know its limitations, and would buy another in a heartbeat, and it's taught me a lot--not least of which is the fact that if I ever "move up" to another saw, it will be past any U.S. saw currently available, up to a true Euro-saw.
            I also think Jake is doing a great job here; he responds quickly and to the point, and keeps things on track and away from over-the-top criticism.
            \". . . and only the stump, or fishy part of him remained.\"


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              Hey guys, Thank you for the great comments. Unbiased is what I strive to be (though I rarely am). That's why I avoid posting on "opinion" threads until everyone else has gotten there 2 cents in.

              Anyway any of those who check the other woodworking sites on a regular basis. please invite anyone who is interested to join us. This community can only get better with more people.



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                I've had a Makita 14V for about 2 1/2 years and love it. It has all but replaced several corded models. Same batteries.....mine came with two. I originally bought a Ryobi but due to my clumsiness, it fell from a picnic table onto the deck floor (3 1/2 ft) and broke (1st day). The battery compartment snaped off. I returned it to HD, admitted to my carelessness and to my surprise they offered to refund or replace. I decided the Makita was a little beefier and hopefully more rugged. It has taken it's share of abuse and still runs great.

                Norm in Fujino,
                Great website. You have some beautiful projects. The cabinet for your BT3000 is fantastic.

                I think sometimes we all get caught up in the focus on the tools and forget that regardless of tool type or brand, the true craftsmanship, the creativity and the beauty of any well executed project is the responsibilty of the person using the tool. The tool is only an extension of that person's skill and care. I appreciate well made tools as much as anyone and find myself irritated equally by tools I do not find to my liking. But at the end of the day, it is so satisfying to see someone's craftsmanship displayed and to understand that regardless of the tool, someone had to master it's use.

                Wood Dog (Wow....I got stars.....where did those come from???)


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                  Thanks, Wooddog! Agree about the relationship of tool to operator!
                  \". . . and only the stump, or fishy part of him remained.\"