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3612/3650 dust collection?

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  • 3612/3650 dust collection?


    I am looking at getting my first table saw and just noticed the new ts3650. I was originally planning to pick up a Delta 36-650 or 36-444 but with the added accessories of the Ridgid I am seriously considering the ts3650 now.

    One major hangup is that I can not find any information about how one does dust collection or even dust direction [img]smile.gif[/img] with the ts3650. Is there an accessory from the 3612 that fits or is something already built in?

    Thanks for the help,

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    If you search this forum on the words "3612" and "dust collection" you will get a ton of great suggestions and photos.

    Short answer is that 3612 has a dust collection attachment, but it is not very effective unless you do what the other guys have done.

    I doubt whether there is any info "on the street" yet about 3650's DC capabilities, but welcome comments from the Ridgid folks on it....


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      Stefan, welcome to the forum.

      The 3612 has a bottom opening into which this $12 hood fits exactly. This is from Grizzly but a large number of suppliers have the 14" x 14" hood (4" hose fitting)available:

      You will also need to fabricate yourself a cover for the rear of the saw from hardboard, luan ply, cardboard etc., No need to fully cover in the back since it's impossible anyway, and you need to have air entering from here to prevent a total vaccum. The other benefit of the rear cover with a slight opening for incoming air, is that it keeps the motor completely devoid of dust & chips.

      You'll find during your search a number of posts on the rear cover fabrication. Good luck with either of the saws.


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