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    Re: New MSUV

    Originally posted by lreops View Post

    Would anyone know whether the SAW MOUNTING BRACKET ASSEMBLY for the AC9944 is the same ones as for the AC9945?

    I called to get a price for the brackets for the AC9945 and on the parts list it shows quantity as only 1 and they want $79.23 a piece...WOW!!!

    I noticed that on the parts list for the AC9944 they show a quantity of two. So, I'm wondering if they are the same brackets and if so, I might call to see if the price for the pair is more reasonable.

    Thanks for any response, Ron

    So, it appears that no one is able to make a comparison between the AC9945 and the AC9944 Saw mounting Brackets so let me ask the question in another way.

    For those of you that have the AC9944 MSUV, can you tell by my attached photos whether your saw mounting brackets look the same. I am sorry to say that I have not been able to find a clear enough photo of the AC9944 to even know if it has the same round rails as the AC9945 and if the span between the rails is similar. If the AC9944 does have the same round rails (that have a 1¾" OD like the AC9945) and the span to the outside of the rails is 10¾", then I can guess that the saw mounting brackets are the same.

    The reason that I am interested is because I have another piece of equipment that I would also like to use on the MSUV, thus the need for another set of mounting brackets.

    So, those of you that have the AC9944, could you kindly check your MSUV to see if this is possible.

    Thank you, Ron
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      Re: New MSUV

      I see several differences one being the locking mechanism. The 9944 is 10 inches instead of 9 like yours shows. So they will not interchange.
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        Re: New MSUV

        I thought that there would have to be a difference between the two but I was hoping that they would be close. I cannot even find the AC9945 listed on the Ridgid sites anywhere. When I inquired about getting the extra set of brackets, I think that the parts are coming from an outsourced supplier other than Ridgid. That's why the cost of them is so outlandish. They said that EACH ONE was $79.23 plus $15.00 shipping, whereas, if I remember correctly, the ones for the AC9944 were only around $26.00. Don't know if that was for the pair or for only one and that was from Ridgid. In any case, that is quite a difference.

        So, I guess the bottom line is that I scrap the idea of having an extra set of brackets for now and hope that in time the price may become more reasonable.

        Thanks for your reply.