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  • TS2400 cleaning

    Hi all.

    I have the TS2400 saw and I would like to hear any thoughts on how to clean all the sappy sawdust underneath the saw? I noticed it is getting harder to raise the blade since there is lots of build up on the moving parts.

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    I vacuum all I can with my shop vac, then I turn the air compressor on the rest. However, there are is always dust on the adjustments screws/rods that I take first a tootbrush (not the one I plan to use) to and then a "stiff brass bristle brush" (say that five times real fast). You really do need to get the dust off the adjustments or you'll find that when you do things like tilt your blade and then return back to 90 degrees that your really not at 90 degrees.
    It's a dirty messy job and about any decent lubricate (and it needs one) will attract dust. I tried the dry lubricate but really didn't believe it was lubricating enough. Does any one know of a product that does a decent job in a dusty environment yet doesn't attract dust?


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      try graphite?