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  • TS3612 Miter gauge

    Finally got to spend some extended time with my TS3612 this weekend! I love it! It is such an improvement over my bench top Powermatic.

    I have a question concerning the miter gauge ... is the "stop pin" (the little knurled pin that sticks out) supposed to screw out\in or adjust in some way so that you can use angles not set with the three stop adjustment screws? It is logical that it would have to have some type release or adjustment. I needed to use a 60 degree setting but couldn't get past the 45 stop without removing the piece that holds the stop pin. I could not get the stop pin to budge at all. Now I think one of the kids knocked it off the saw early on so the pin may be damaged from the fall???

    I can't tell you how much I like this saw
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    I love mine too! The stop pin only slides in and out, pull it to the rear to pass the presets and push it towards the gauge to catch the stops. It must have been damaged as there are no threads, springs, or anything that I see.


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      i managed to drop my miter gague, bent the pin rendering it essentially useless. I removed mine. In all honesty, although i LOVE my ridgid saw, my miter gague isnt the most accurate (even before i dropped it). I use a machinists 90 degree square to set it at 90, a swanson speed square to set it at 45, and a bevel gague to set it accurately anywhere inbetween. Was having a hard time setting it accurately in this manner and derived a solution. I have a good 12" ruler/straight edge that is true and i lay it against the miter gague guide (the piece that rides in the grooves in the saw), and use that as a tangible reference for my bevel gague. this method is however a pain in the *** and would love to hear from people that do it an easier way?




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        You could make a sled with a track in it (of plywood) so that you could set the miter gauge in it (like the way it sits in the track on the saw). On the sled could be drawn many of the most common angles you use...that would be very accurate and wouldn't require any acrobatics to set up.
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          I had the same problem with the miter gauge in my 2424. I removed the set screws and then using a punch, knocked the pin out. I sanded the pin until it started to slide in and out, but I had to reem the hole very slightly until I got a smooth action. Replace the set screws.


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            Yep, last night I took the gauge apart and with a hammer "persuaded" the pin to come out. I then waxed it and held it with a pair of pliers and worked it all around in it's receiving part. Still catches in a couple places but is usable now.

            Kelly, sounds like a cool solution for setting angles.

            Love this saw!
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              You got a miter gauge with your TS3612? Was this a promotion at your HD? I thought that was an accessory? I got a TS3612 about 2 months ago and it did not have the miter gauge? I have been using a miter gauge I bought at lowes. I thought that was kinda cheap; not including a miter gauge with a new saw! Guess I kinda screwed up on my first real saw.

              Merry Christmas to you all and have a great New Year!


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                The TS2424 model came with a miter gauge hold down, which is an accessory, but that accessory is not included with the TS3612. Your TS3612 should have had a standard miter gauge with it though.
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                    My 3612 came with a miter guage. Also, the pin pulls out easily to allow the guage to be set past the 45 deg mark.


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                      No it did not have a MITER GAUGE in the box? They almost gave me a set of 2412 rails by accident. I pointed out that this was a 3612 to the HD guy. I know the hold down is an accessory for the 2424. It attaches to the gauge part. The way the kid at HD said that rhe gauge was an accessory along with the clamp.

                      I had to buy a miter gauge at Lowes because HD would not sell me one of their's on a display saw and they did not have any spares for sale. I bought a cheapy at Lowes until I can pay for a real Ridgid one.

                      Did I get screwed??? I asked the kid (19) at HD and he was sure. Now I feel stupid!



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                        The mitre guage should have been in the big box with the majority of the saw. If not, then it is a packaging problem that you should point out to them. ( I beleive I got two boxes. One with rails, and the other with saw and accessories.)

                        BTW, you're not missing a whole lot. The guage doesn't look all that great or accurate, but you should have gotten one.


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                          You have mail.



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                            Thanks for the info but, as I have said; the saw is at least 2 months old maybe more. No more than 4. I should have been a bit more attentive and not taken an 19 yr old for his word.

                            Tip: When a HD guy says he checked on the info or item! Check for yourself as well. Trust but, verify! (The gipper)

                            I'm sure they mean well and all. Stuff happens. Anyway, I think it is a bit late for me but, others be warned. Thanks for all the help guys.

                            Marc Tuunanen

                            [ 12-12-2002, 12:59 PM: Message edited by: Strider ]


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                              Personally, I LOVE the ridgid saws, but IMO, the two purchases you should make are: 1- a good blade or two; and 2- an Incra miter gauge!