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    I'm considering buying a central dust collector and looking for recommendations. My shop is roughly 24 x 24 with a complement of two table saws, a jointer, drill press, band saw, a planer and a CSMS that figure into the dust collection needs.
    What kind of equipment should I be looking at and what are some good references for bulding the system -- running the colleciton lines, etc.

    Any ideas of what I should be budgeting?

    Appreciate all suggestions.

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    I suggest you look at either a canister filtration system such as the JET, or a true cyclone system.

    Here is an awsome site on DC stuff.
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      Bill Pentz's site referenced above is a great site and full of ideas. Many will say it's vast over-kill for their shops as to outfit as such is extremly expensive. I considered implementing what he recommends and I was looking at $1900 plus - similar sized as yours. It even was higher if I did not do the labor. For a hobbiest using shop 20 hours a week the whole idea became absurd for me.

      I picked up a few books on DC in Shops, implemented and adapted. I recommend you do same -either buy or use the library resources.

      Ultimately I used combination of 6" and 4" pvc, stayed as straight with main runs as I could where practical with I believe 4 wyes, powered by a 1.5hp DC with .3 micron bag on top, plastic to bottom. I added an AF system to ceiling. I did the labor so saved there. Total cost may be nearing $760-800 now as it adds up but I am very satisfied. No visible dust anywhere, never any on finished products after spraying ( I do not have seperate spray both area) - lights off, flashlights on - do not see any in the air floating around. Rarely need to use a broom unless I am using either lathe or miter saw, which each represent hard to totally solve issues.

      I suspect I spent more than I needed to and could have cut corners. I just desired to have it done and bought from places close by. Or spent more and used 6" - for me it was not needed.

      FYI - I hear Rockler has the Jet cannister on sale for $299. It is a nice unit all in all.

      Tools I am hooked into:
      Router tables (share hose from drop)
      Downdraft sanding table
      *I usually run 1 machine at time-2 works but only if nearer to DC unit. If I am 20' apart on open gates the far machine lacks a small amount of suction. I adapted and put the lathe there as it is least effective machine in shop to use DC on anyway. A 3-5 hp cyclone might solve this - at cost of another $800 or so. It may not either.

      One thing I will state - any DC is better than no DC. Many use the $149.99 Harbor Freight unit with quality aftermarket bags at cost of approx. $200. Single machine at time on shared line. And they are quite happy. This may well be worth considering as one starts to incorporate a DC system into shop. Inexpensive enough - if you outgrow it sell it. You will recoup most of cost and all the while have chance to really inderstand what will work and what you really need vs jumping in and spending $1000-3000 on something that may not be right long term.