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Zero Clearance Inserts - Worth It ?

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    I use ZCI any time I'm making a cut. I've made up several for the various angles I use. The more the angle, the more you have to cut out on the backside to get it started on the blade and into the saw table. I also keep several "blanks" in case I need to make up a new angle.

    Couple of years ago I had a small piece of wood come back at me, hit me in the snot, and almost took me to my knees. Bleeding like a stuck hog I stumbled into the house, scared the devil out of my two girls home from college. I ended up getting 5 stitches in my nose. My oldest daughter made me promise not to disfigure myself anymore until after her wedding, which was coming up within a couple of months after this little fiasco.

    I'm sure if I would have had a ZCI on it wouldn't have happened. Every since then, I'm a firm believer in ZCI. Don't ever run the orange beast without them.



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      First, to those who advocate moving the fence over part of the ZCI when you raise the blade to make the slot. DON'T! Clamp a length of 2 x 4 or something over the insert.

      Second, you don't have to rout or carve out an under-slot for blade relief. Use a 7ΒΌ" blade or an outside blade from a 6" or 8" dado set to start the slot. You can then switch to a 10" blade to finish the slot. This way you don't weaken the ZCI by making it thinner in the area where the blade comes through. Especially critical on angled ZCIs.