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JP0610 vs Grizzly

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  • JP0610 vs Grizzly

    I know this is a Ridgid forum but I was hoping to get some objective feedback regarding The Ridgid JP0610 jointer vs the Grizzly G1182HW. Most of my main tools are currently Ridgid including a TS2424, BS1400, and a WL1200.

    Is the Ridgid a better machine than the Grizzly? Is it worth the extra money? Whay do you think it is better?

    What is the fence length and height on the Ridgid. The Griz is 4" x 29 1/2' with a 47" table. The Ridgid site does not mention the fence dims but does say the table is 45"

    This will be my first jointer so I really do not know what I am looking for. Will the shorter table on the Ridgid work as well as the longer table on the Griz?

    Any other thought to help me make my decision?

    Thank a bunch in advance.

    Curtis O. Seebeck

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    2" on the table = 1" each side. You will not notice a difference with 1". The "new" Rigid jointer is an excellent tool. I love mine, and have no regrets on the purchase.
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      I love my Ridgid JP0610. I am not familiar with the Grizly, but the Ridgid was far better than the other machines I looked at locally, both cheaper and more expensive. I can't imagine a better machine in this league. Absolutely solid, easy to adjust, powerful. Even does a nice job rabbeting.