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Buying sawblades, Where and what kind?

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  • Buying sawblades, Where and what kind?

    I've got some tax money coming back this year and I want to get some new sawblades.
    I have a 3612 with the Ridgid blade and a 7" Craftsman Dado set.

    The Ridgid blade is ok but I really need a good rip blade since I do most of my crosscuts on a scms.

    The Dado set is not very good, it's a stacked set and the blades cut deeper than the chippers by quite a bit.

    I live in Indiana and am curious what blade to buy and the best places to get them.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Right now, has the Freud SD208 8" stacked dado set on sale for $59.95. Just type in FRESD208 in the search box and it'll take you right to it.
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      I am one of those who use a seperate rip blade and cross cut blade. The only brand I use is SystiMatic. I use the 24t rip for stock 1" and thicker, and the 40t "Glue Joint" rip for 3/4" stock and under. For cross cuts I use the 80t "Double Miter". Good place to get them is mail order. Systimatic is commercial quality stuff. They also have 2 great dado blades, but they do cost ya. One of the things you will notice about the SystiMatic line is how long you can go befor it has to be sent out to be sharpend. Just Keep them clean.

      Here's a link.......
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        I like Freud's 24T rip blade. They make a couple of's near $50, the other < $30. I hear good things about Amana, CMT, Systemic, and Tenryu also. Forrest makes a great 30T blade, not sure how will a CS will spin through thick stuff though.


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          About the only way you'll find any selection of brands is if you have several ww'ing stores nearby or go to mail order. I also have separate cross-cut and rip blades, as well as a separate blade for plywood. I've been through the cheap blade phase and finally went to better blades. Even though I only have an old Craftsman contractors saw, what a difference a good blade makes.

          As to brands, either from my own experience or overwhelming positive comments, Freud, DeWalt, Forrest come to mind is good blades. I bought an Oldham Signiture, but compared to my DeWalts, there's no comparrison.

          Also, be aware, that some of the blades sold in big box stores, even by these same mfgs are not usually their top ranked blade. Go to dedicated woodworking stores.


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            I have been extremely pleased with my Forrest Blade. I use the Woodworker II. It has a 1/8" kerf which is very helpful if your saw has less than 3hp. The part number for that blade is W21024 and it can be found here..

            Keep in mind that most manufactures recommend a blade stabilizer in addition to a good blade. They usually run from $15 to $25.

            I know that a dedicated blade for every function is ideal, however I find myself constantly tinkering with designs. Changing your setup takes time and can break your rhythm. That is one of the reasons I like a good combo blade.

            Everyone should evaluate their own needs, based on work habits and available equipment. Just because 10 people favor one type of blade/setup, it does not mean it is the best setup for you.

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              Change the original Ridgid blade for a Forrest or a Freuds. the original blade is like cuttin with a not so sharp rock compared to these. [img]smile.gif[/img] You will definetly notice a HUGE difference. In my opinion stay away from the thin kerfs.

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                Lots of mentions for Freud, and I'm suprised not one for CMT! I used Freud exclusively for several years, their rip, 80t crosscut, and the 208 dado(DON'T buy that again!). A while back, after several customers told me how much they love the CMT's, I bought their 80t Melamine blade. It's by far the finest crosscut blade I've ever used. Since then I've sold all my Freuds and upgraded to CMT on everything, my absolute favorite being their dado.


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                  I recently picked up the 50T Dewalt woodworking blade and have been impressed! It cuts as well, if not better, than any Freud I have. I cannot compare it to the Woodworker II as I haven't used that one, but for the price difference I would consider the Dewalt.


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                    About 3 months ago, I switched to a Freud 'Glue Line Rip' (LM74R010) blade for ripping. This 30 tooth blade provides an amazing edge for glue-ups. Also, for cleaner rips, make sure you are using a zero clearance insert - it's quite amazing the difference it can make. I picked mine up at the HD, but it wasn't cheap...(about $100 Canadian if I recall)

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                      I use the systimatic glue line rip and love it.
                      This link has a picture of a Systimatic glue up that was made using wood cut with the systimatic.
                      I got one at tool king Systimatic glue line rip blade , it was the best price I found.