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    Just bought the Ridgid Table Saw TS2400 model, no dust collector, looking in Accessories to purchase shows AC109 Table Saw Dust Collector then states NOT FOR USE ON TS2400 models.
    However, does not give any ideas of where I can get a dust collector for this model? Any ideas?
    Thanks folks?

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    You could make one very easily. Take a piece of scrap ply and cut a hole in it that will accept a PVC toilet flange. Mount the flange to the ply then attach it to the bottom of the saw. Hook the toilet flange up to a dust collector, a shop vac will work but it won't do nearly as good a job.
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      The 2400 has a dust shute under the blade and an exhaust port on the back of the saw to connect a DC or shop vac. The saw dust does not drop out the bottom of the saw.
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        Not sure what you mean by "no dust collector". As Dan says, there is a 2½" dust port at the back of the saw to attach a shop vac and IMO does a good job.



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          IT has the area that shoots the dust out yes, however the other table saws sell an accessory called "dust collector" to collect this to stop it from shooting on your floor.
          This model does not have such an accessory to order. So you purchase a $450 table saw and now have to make a homemade item with a toilet flange to adapt to it. Like buying a convertible that they don't sell the tops to, that you have to make one from some other similiar car.


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            I got my 2400 a few months before getting my DC. I tied a pillow case on the dust chute to catch the dust from the saw then.Worked very well.
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              Perhaps you don't understand or are over complicating this... The so-called dust collectors (item 1098 for an older model table saws and 1099 for the radial arm saw) listed in "Accesories" are nothing more than "add-ons" because those tools didn't have a dust collection port built in to those saws. The TS2400 does, it's that hole on the back of the saw! It is where you attach your shop vac or, if you go the route of the commercial shops or are really into woodworking, then you may have a dedicated "dust collector" system in your shop. In which case you would attach a hose from that "system" to the hole in the back of the saw. You could buy a simple dust "bag" as some other saw manufacturers often provide, but those things rarely work well and often cause more problems than necessary. The 2400 is designed to be a "jobsite" saw where blowing sawdust doesn't usually present a big problem.

              I believe the idea of the "toilet flange" was in case you didn't want to use the standard hole provided, and build your own, larger, "hole" to attach a 4-inch hose or duct.

              True Dust collectors run from $300 and up. They are separate motorized systems that are used to suck dust from one or more machines in your shop and collect it in large bags or containers. These systems often filter the air down to 5 microns or smaller, thus keeping your shop and your lungs clean. Dust Collectors are piped to the various woodworking tools in your shop and are controlled through "gates" which can be opened or closed to allow maximum suction to the specific machine in operation at the time. To give you an idea, here is a link to just one manufacturer of such systems:

              I hope this is helpful,


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