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  • Any Lawyers Out There?

    If RIDGID sold product and offered a Lifetime Warranty wouldn't they or their new trademark licensee still be responsible for honoring that warranty? They can change the terms of a warranty but don't they have to honor the warranty that was in effect at the date of purchase? It would seem to me that if RIDGID is still making money off the RIDGID Trademark they have a vested interest in the product and can't just walk away from prior promises.
    I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.

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    I am not a lawyer but know enough to be dangerous
    Ridgid does have to honor the lifetime warranty.
    Only thing is they can do it very slowly, make you send the whole tool back for repair.
    Ridgid went beyond the warranty in the past, not sure that will happen any more.

    Go to the Ridgid warranty on the web site and read it.


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      The new warranty thing really confuses me. When I bought the tools, they had a lifetime warranty and therefore, I felt really no need to laminate reciepts and keep them safe from all acts of god. One of them got wet and was damaged beyond reading. With a new 5 year warranty, what do you do without a reciept when the tool was supposed to have a lifetime warranty??

      I have a TS3612, BS1400, DP1550, JPO610, and an MS1250. It would be sad if I needed service on one of these items and was turned away for lack of reciept.

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        Companys can change the Warranty. When Troy Built ( maker or garden eq.) was sold to Garden Way they didn't buy the part of the company that had to do with the Warranty,s. If you go to there web site they say they no longer have to go by the life time Warranty. They will cover the products for what they figure is the lifetime of the product, in there case it is ten years. There is always a loop hole if you have enough money and lawyers.


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          Did you use the factory motor mount for the BS1400 or devise something else?


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            I used the factory bushings, although I don't know why they are even there. You need to tighten the bolts down so much, all the shock absorbtion is gone. I get a vibration, but I'm going to change the belt and see if that solves my problem. I'v also noticed that when I put on an aftermarket blade from Woodcraft that the noise also went down from the weld hitting the guide blocks.