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1/4 sawn lumber

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  • 1/4 sawn lumber

    I have the machines to do it, but get 1/4 sawn only by accident.
    How do I get 1/4 sawn oak on purpose?
    I'm working with 16/4 red oak.
    A Craftsman house without 1/4 sawn oak is not a Craftsman House!
    Rob Johnson
    Just tilt your head a little and it will look straight!

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    1/4 sawn is usually don at the mill by sawing the logs into quarters then sawing the quarters radialy(sp) the logs quarters are turned every couple of cuts and the grain runs streight over the length. hard as hell to do on a horizontal band mill. however almost all flatsawn logs will have some 1/4 sawn boards.if you select the stock from the center board or 2 or 3 of the log and then cut out the pith you esentially have 2 1/4sawn boards. one of the problems with 1/4 sawing is waste and the other is trees dont get bigenough anymore to give pieces of any size bill


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      Just to add a visual to bvww's comments. Look at the end grain of a board. The following are likely patterns:

      |||||||& #0124;||||||&# 0124;|||||| This is quartersawn angle

      ///////////////////// This is riftsawn angle

      ===================== This is plainsawn angle.

      If your 16/4 boards are plainsawn, you can "rip and flip" for narrow quartersawn appearance. Cut the boards and turn them 90 degrees.

      If the boards are riftsawn, there isn't much you can do.



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        Check this out. Great pic.



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          Thanks for the replys,
          I think I can see how this workes. I checked my boards and they are plain sawn.
          That is why I was getting some 1/4 sawn boards yesterday just by chance.
          Now, out to the shop to see if I can do this on purpose!
          Thanks again,
          Rob Johnson
          Just tilt your head a little and it will look straight!