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  • DP1550

    Just put together a Ridgid 1550 drill press, and the chuck even after following directions seems less then seated to me. Would anyone that has a DP 1550 let me know if there chuck comes all the wa to the seated portion of the spindle thingy or does it sit a little lower with about 1/4-1/2 inch of the spindle showing. I have put all kinds of pressure on this thing and while it appears tight and drills doesn't look exactly right. Also, anyone have any idea as to how do get the chuck off the spindle if it needs to be cleaned and reseated. Thank you....

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    Mine has roughly .25 inch of spindle showing, I’m not quite sure on the removal procedure but I do recall reading in a Drill Press comparison that the Ridgid was the only one tested that lacked some kind of mechanism for ejecting the spindle that was a standard feature on all the others. I apologize for not providing more details; I would categorize myself as a rookie as far as knowledge of DP’s is concerned.



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      I also put one together this week and it sits about a 1/4 inch low.


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        Just came back from putting yet another coat of finish on my son's tic-tac-toe board. While I was down there I checked the amount of chuck still showing. As other here have posted, it is about 1/4".