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Hercu-lift VS. Hercu-lift plus ?

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  • Hercu-lift VS. Hercu-lift plus ?

    Is there a difference?
    I did some research on the Hercu-lift on this forum and saw that someone installed it on their RAS. I too have purchased A RAS and baught the AC9950 so I thought. When I finished the assembly of it I found out it was an AC9910 and wouldn't even come close to fitting?

    My question being new at this forum is-
    Is there two or multiple types of lifts or do I have to modify the one I got to fit?
    Will the 9910 fit the tp1300 (Planer)
    Or do I need to take it back to HD and order one online?

    Thanks Scott
    NO NO NO- I engineered it to look like that!! Crooked-HA!

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    perhaps this will help.
    The AC9910 is a universal leg stand.
    The AC9920 lift system is for stands with lower braces around the legs.
    The AC9950 is for open leg stands such as the RAS.
    If the AC9950 doesn't fit the RAS, it's either packaged wrong, or the set up is wrong.
    To help clerify you can click the link below.
    You can download for free the manual, and acrobat reader to read it for free and get the current manual.
    Hope this helps!
    John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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      I think this is the situation, but Jake can correct me if I'm wrong.

      The HercuLift was originally designed for the TS2424. It could be purchased separately as an accessory or was included as part of a special TS2424 package (TS2424LS I think). It is a great accessory and when Ridgid saw what a successful product it was, they released the HercuLift-Plus which was designed to fit all/most of their products with “open leg sets”.

      Due the extremely poor way that Home Depot stocks the Ridgid accessories (and products in some cases), it is very likely that you purchased an older (hold-over) set designed to fit the TS2424.

      I purchased (and posted about it) the Hercu-Lift Plus a few weeks ago for my RAS (RS1000). It fits and works great!

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        The AC9920 was the standard Herc-U-Lift and would fit only under the RIDGID table saws and some Sears table saws. It has been replaced by the AC9950 which will fit a much greater variety of tools including the RS1000 and Universal leg set.



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          How do I buy the AC9950? Home Depot never carries any accessories for Ridgid and always looks like a deer in headlights when I ask about it.

          I have a Ridgid 12" CMS I'd like to have on the Hurcu Lift.


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            Moses, you can purchase it online directly from Ridgid (Ridgid Parts). I ordered one a few weeks ago on a Monday. Great service, I had it by the end of the week via standard shipping. You pay a little extra for shipping, but we have all been affected by Home Depot's lack of accessories.


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              Thanks everybody for all your help
              NO NO NO- I engineered it to look like that!! Crooked-HA!


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                Will the Hercu-lift plus fit a 10 inch Jet contractor saw. Thanks.


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                  Well, nobody has posted an answer yet so I thought someone should say something. I just put a HercuLift Plus on my Ridgid Radial Arm saw and it is a great way to move the saw around easily.

                  They are very adjustable and could probably be made to fit most tools with an open leg set. However, other than some Craftsman Table Saws, I have not seen anything that indicates how they fit tools made other manufacturers.

                  I would suggest that you download the online manual and look at the various configurations to see if it will fit.


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                    Thanks Mark. Will Do.


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                      If you are needing more space in your shop, may I suggest that you put your Ridgid machines on the Herculift + (AC9950). I received the Ridgid TS3612 as a Christmas present from my husband. (Really nice guy!)As my basement shop is roughly 16'X 26',having the Ridgid lathe, jointer, bandsaw, oscillating spindle sander and the tablesaw, space is limited. The solution we came up with is to have them on wheels (except for the jointer and lathe.) I just ordered two more Herculift + for my miter saw and scrollsaw. It's great, just bring out the tool you need, plug it in and go. I have the dust collecter set up so that the machines hook-up in the centralized location. When done with that tool, unplug and put away, then get the next tool. It's great to have the center floor space open and the other tools out of the way. I now have plenty of room for my work table and bench. The shop is enclosed by using metal Gorilla bench/shelving units (7' X 4' and found them at Sam's Club for $60 each) and the other 3 walls are all white pegboard. It's nice and bright and the dust is contained.