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4330 3-knife issues

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  • 4330 3-knife issues

    Hey guys, Is there anyone out there that has a Ridgid 13" 3-knife planer (R4330)? I just recently started having an issue with mine.
    The planer is four post planer so there is no cutterhead lock on it. Up till now it has held really well, but just this morning I noticed that while I have the planer running the thickness dial was slowly turning until the knob had got to the bottom of the revolution, so the cutterhead had dropped about 1/32" without me touching it! As if that isn't troubling enough (and to me it is), When I run a board through the planer the cutterhead is raising.
    I have never had any issue with the planer until now.
    I didn't know if there was some sort of an adjustment that I might be missing. I'd rather take a look at it myself if its something simple than have to have it sent in for service.

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    Re: 4330 3-knife issues


    Not too long after this model came out, there were a couple of posts regarding the cutterhead movement, as you describe. I do not recall that anyone posted a resolution or even if there is some adjustment that you can make to fix this problem... though I quite imagine that there must be something!

    I have not seen any more than those couple, so hopefully this is a fairly rare problem.

    About the only thing that I can recommend, is to call Ridgid Customer Support and ask to speak to someone who is technically knowledgeable about this particular model. They should be able to offer you some advice on the matter, hopefully.

    Hopefully, another member will jump in here and offer any experienced advice that they have with this unit.

    Good luck and welcome to the Ridgid forum,



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      Ive had this planer for years now. It always stayed put when adjusted. Then I added casters to the table I built for it and the problems you describe started. Being from the old school, I asked myself "what changed?", the casters were loose enough to allow a resonant frequency the be generated by the motor to cause the spinning of the ajusting wheel. I cound actually watch the cutter head lower itself. Shotened the legs a bit and added a few cross members to them and put some wheels that didn't caster, one way jobs. Then added a few sliding handles to wheel barrow the works around the shop. Problem solved. Resonant frequency's can take down bridges. Galloping Girty came to mind.