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  • Does the TS 3650...

    ever go on sale?

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    Well, "ever" is a long time. I've been looking at it also and I've see the price drop down to $400 a couple of times, but I can't say that it was necessarily a sale.

    If you read some of the other postings here though, you will find quite a few folks who got deals by Home Depot's policy of honoring other sales, like Lowes and even Harbor Freight.

    Also, there are those occasion when Home Depot has a 10% off sale. Sometimes this is for Veteran's Day (if you're a Vet) or so-called "friends and family" coupons they hand out in the store, or even the 10$ you get off when you open a credit account or move.

    So, I guess they do have occasions where you can get a better price, but I don't recall seeing a specific "Come and get it, TS3650 SALE".



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      If you're looking for somehting right now, the Craftsman 22104 hybrid is one sale for $360 through Saturday. Nice design and alot good press so far.

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        The hD by my house in st louis has the 3650 right now for $449. If you could find a Harbor freight coupon and get an additional 20% off.