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  • Cabinet safety latches


    This is not really a Ridgid tool question but I figured I would try. I saw a product on a show a while ago and dont know where to find it.

    Its a child safety lock for cabinet doors (kitchen or bathroom) that you install in such a fashion that you unlock it by pressing your foot up under the kickplate area beneath the cabinet to release the catch. Its intstalled inside the cabinet by drilling a hole through the bottom of the cabinet just behind the door and the plunger type of lock is then installed. I like the idea since it is not visible but I cant find it anywhere.

    Have you heard of this?

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    Can't say that I have ewer seen anything like this. The only child locks I've seen, (besides the yardstick through the door handles [img]smile.gif[/img]) is the type that you press down from the top. If you saw it on TV, there is an As Seen on TV store and they may have an online store (not sure though). They carry the things sold in infomercials and what not.



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      Oh, well. Worth a try. I actually saw it on that TLC home improvement show with the guy and gal hosts. Liebler and some other name. Maybe I'll see it on a rerun again.

      ps - Our cabinets have knobs so the ruler thing wont work. [img]smile.gif[/img]


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        Sounds like you are describing "Hometime". They have a web site (that I cannot get to open right now) at .

        If the female host was Joann Liebler, that was quite an old episode, though. I don't know how far back they will have supplier information.

        Like Jake, I'm not familiar with this type of latch.



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          Thanks. You're right, it was Hometime and it probably wasnt Joanne since I just saw it. I get her confused with the other one. I cant get their website to open either. Thanks.

          It looked like a good product. They discussed it as a hands free safety latch plus you dont see it. If I find it I'll post the information.


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            Hey, turns out you said the magic words. I did a search for "hands free safety latch", and look here:

            Amerock should be available about everywhere, I think. is just the national retailers. Wouldn't shock me if this particular latch is a special order item.

            Good luck, looks like a really neat product.



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              Thanks for the find. I could have sworn I typed those words into a search engine. Where did you search for that? I'm going to see if Home Depot has these but I think you're right. SOunds like a special order. I'll let you know how they work.


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                Yahoo search. It was maybe the fifth or so match returned. I swear sometimes you can type the exact same thing in and get different results.



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                  OK now I can field this one. I don't think Home Depot carries Amerock, not sure about Lowes, but Home Base did. Now that's allot of help with Home Base closing up, at least here in the northwest. Try the addresses below, Spokane Hardware is a local speciality hardware store that carries the full line of Amerock hardware. One thing about Amerock is that if it's listed it's probably readily availble, not a special order item. This web site is not supper special but it will get you all the links to there 800 number etc and you could then call them. Now if that doesn't work try, same place just different addresses (might be thehardwarehut). Now one last place to look is, Rockeler @

                  Good luck
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                    Thanks Dave. I'll try those websites. By the way, I called Amerock and they said Home Depot should be able to order their stuff. He said they might balk a bit but if that happens to give them the main Amerock number and have them call direct. I'll try your links first though.