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12" Compound sliding miter saw

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    Hey Jim,
    In answer to your question, "Hey, JJC, Did the HD in Houston cut you a deal on the MS1290?" I feel like they did I walked out the door for $433 dollars total tax included. They even got me the missing dust bag and holddown clamp from on of the new models.I was dealing directly with the hardware department manager so that might have helped some. I've been using the saw alot and really like it. Sorry it took so long to reply.


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      Well....I finally stopped fence-sitting and went for the MS1290LZ. [img]smile.gif[/img] They got a second shipment in the local HD (that was only a total of 4 units available to purchase since the end of October) and I bought the last one in this shipment. What made me jump in with both feet was that there was no guarantee if any more would be brought in by the end of December and allow me to qualify for the limited lifetime service warrantee.

      Still have it in the box and will probably set it up this weekend. The wife is either blind or just hasnt been in the basement lately.....I say this because I broke the cardinal rule of power tool purchases (just like most of you all out there) by not telling her about it.

      Saw (no pun meant) the plans for a 12 inch miter saw table in the Dec. issue of Wood Magazine..... and I might try that as a project over Xmas. Because of the travel length on the slider, it looks like Ill have to go for at least a 36 inch wide table. I think I asked a number of weeks ago if anyone had built a shop table for their MS1290. Any more ideas or comments out there for such a project?

      I will be looking at a BS next year after the old Orange Card stops quivering. Im leaning toward a Laguna LT 16 BUT really want to give it a good looking over before laying out the dough at the Toronto Wood Show in February.

      Chris Berg


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        hey everyone :0) 1st reply here but for my money i am saving it up for a hitachi dual bevel compound slide.... for accuracy and precision i thinks its the best of the best hope this helps

        so much wood so little time


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          Hi griz

          Hey is that Hitachi a 10" or 12" blade?
          just curious, cause if it's a 10 inch its apples and oranges IMHO.

          happy woodworking guys

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            I have had the opportunity to compare the ms1290lz and the dw708 sliding compound saws side by side. The Ridgid had some nice features such as easier to read scales for one. I cut a lot of dados on stock for door frames so I wanted a slider. I put a piece of wood under both saws at full extension and at the full in postion. The Ridgid was off by about 1/8" from front to back. The dewalt was dead on. The slide wasn't as smooth on the Ridgid. I guess the better bearing system on the dewalt keeps the deflection down where the ridgid doesn't. Now if dados are not your thing than the Ridgid is a lot more user friendly. The scales are easier to read and the bevel and miter angles are easier to lock into at any angle. Forget dust collection on and chop saw unless you build your own collector. To me the laser is just a gimmick and pretty useless. if you don't know your saw and have to rely on a laser you should't be playing with sharp objects. This is all my opinion but I hope it helps. If the Ridgid had a solid slide it would be my choice. If the dewalt had better scales to read and easier bevel and miter locks it would be my choice. I know which one i bought so you decide for yourself.


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              Well only took me one month from my last posting on this topic to take my 12 inch Ridgid SCMS out of the box and set it up! (for 2 weeks I was sick and Christmas played havoc with me getting anything done in my basement shop).

              After purchasing the item, I had some worries re. other posted comments concerning lateral play in the fully extended blade as well as the accuracy of the laser. The Ridgid fairy must have been sitting on this machine when it went down the assembly line because the unit that I got has THE SAME (virtually none) lateral movement in the blade / drive mechanism as does the Makita LS1013 saw! In addition, the Exactline laser turned out to be only off by a little more than a 1/32 of an inch (not perfect BUT I can work with it).

              The miter accuracy at 90 degrees was right on when the saw came out of the box. The bevel indicator had to be adjusted by 0.5 degrees though....thats OK! The slider pull was also smooth!

              One question I have is in regard to the 60 tooth Ridgid saw blade. When I tried to use the saw to trim off a 16th of an inch from the end of stock, I noticed a lateral oscillation (flexing motion)in the saw blade body. At first, I thought that I had not properly tightened the arbor screw when I replaced the washer and left side stiffing plate with the laser unit (this actually scared me!). That wasnt the case at all. DOES THIS OBSERVATION HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH BLADE THICKNESS OR THE BLADES TENSIONING QUALITY???? I dont own any other 12 inch blades to compare with the supplied blade. I know that a number of postings in the past have made references to less than great quality when it comes to included blades!

              A second thing I noticed was when I was cutting some 1 x 4 pine to length...... While the cut remained flat and at 90 degrees along the top of the stocks 4 inch width, the perpendicularity of the cut shifted inward by a 32nd of an inch at the bottom edge of the stock closest to the fence. I noticed that I did not have the slider in the fully retracted position and so I was not cutting evenly downward over the stocks 4 inch width. Is this the reason for what I observed or am I being too fussy or does this have something to do with (lack of) saw blade stiffness or saw setup? These are newby questions as this is my first mitre saw but I am hoping that you folks can put my mind at rest.

              Thanking you in advance! [img]smile.gif[/img]

              P.S. When all is said and done, I am feely fairly comfortable that the MS1290LS was a good choice!
              Chris Berg


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                I think this is the problems others have been describing only in different words.

                My take is either purchase the Makita or DeWalt. I think its pretty easy to understand these other companies have been making SCMS for awhile & Ridgid is just starting out making them. Before I'd purchase a Ridgid SCMS I would let them make them for awhile & get the bugs out. Especially since Ridgid is farming their manufacture out now days.


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                  Thanks VLL!

                  I had also received a few private e-mails from forum members in the last two days....They have all recommended that I take the saw back to Home Depot IN A FLASH!!!! Last night, I went down there and spoke to the hardware supervisor and she confirmed the 90 day no hassle / no questions return guarrantee (it was actually posted in several locations). That is great as I dont want to be left wondering about a saw when I have the opportunity to return it for something else without problems. The point that you made, regarding the amount of time that Dewalt and Makita have been selling SCMSs, is well taken and I dont think that a lifetime limited warrantee is worth all the hassles of potentially having to take the saw back more than once! This is confirmed by the fact that really no one in the Ridgid forum has come forth with any suggetions that it is something that I might be doing wrong ie: with set up, etc.!!!

                  Regards, [img]smile.gif[/img]
                  Chris Berg


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                    UPDATE FOR ANYONE INTERESTED......

                    After responding to VLLs forum note, I went back and tried running the SCMS with the original shipped arbor nut, washer, and stiffner plate in place of the laser assembly / supplied arbor nut(I had not tried this before). The cross cut on a horizontal laid 1 x 4 was better. However, the trim cut was just as bad (the blade flutter may have something to do with normal blade reasonance / harmonics). However, I tried cutting the stock positioned like a piece of baseboard up against the back fence.... the cut was not good at all!

                    I have given this puppy more than enough chances to get up. It is going back in the box this evening and it looks like my basement shop will be seeing a Makita slider or possibly a Dewalt in the next few days. [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]

                    I hope that at least some other SCMS1290 purchasers have had better fortune than me.

                    By any chance, does anybody out there have any experience with the Porter cable slider???

                    Cheers (and tears)!
                    Chris Berg


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                      PC only makes a 10” slider, if you’re interested in staying with a 12” slider my money would go towards the Makita; they continually rank towards the top in every comparison test.



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                        Wood magazine has a review of SCMS this month. Just got it today. Bosch and Hitachi have the best ratings.

                        No ridgid in test

                        They did give the Ridgid Random Orbital Sander very high praise though.



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                          Hey Jake:

                          I will check out the new edition of the magazine (and the SCMS review)....... I am surprised that Ridgid was not in the review (even with having their first,non-laser guided, saw coming out about a year ago)!

                          Thanks Woodslayer for your opinion!

                          P.S. Jake, I purchased the 6 inch ROS when they first came out up here in Canada.....a truly wonderful sander! I had posted my own positive review earlier to other peoples questions for comments on it.

                          Chris Berg


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                            I'm also researching which SCMS seems to be the best. Anyone have any experience with the Hitachi or Mikita as opposed to the DeWalt? These are the three that seem to get the best reviews. I liked the look of the 1290lz at the HD but checked out the store models and saw lots of free play and side to side that the display DeWalt didn't have. I'm in atlanta and there are no dealers of Hitachi in the state. I generally have a hard time buying something I can't put my hands on first. Would welcome all opinions. Thanks.


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                              You may want to read this. Look at the cutting capacities. The 12" saw do not cut much differently,have more expensive blades,more deflection, are larger to carry etc. I again think the ls1013 is still the best and enjoy using it every time I do. CSMS are much more complicated than a CMS and precision build/design is critical.


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                                I have the Dewalt 12" CMS and have had no problems what-so-ever! The slider looks cool but if your cutting that much lumber why not use the table saw? Sounds like too many problems are popping up due to the slider. Bought the 3650, love it. Damn is it heavy! (Wanted to get my 2 cents in for RIDGID).