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12" Compound sliding miter saw

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    Thanks for the feedback. I'm checking ebay and some other online places for deals on the makita and the dewalt. I think for practicality/mobility the makita better suits my needs. The reason to get the slider is to not have to haul two saws to the worksite. Any places you know of to get some good deals on the saws?


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      I bought my DeWalt 12" CMS last year to mainly do a deck at our trailer. I've not experienced any problems and the many miter cuts I made have only endeared me to this saw.


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        I use two DeWalt 708 Sliding Compound Miter saws in my new home construction projects. They are set on a cut station that allows the inside blade to inside blade to be 10’-0” with a roller tray in between the two saws.

        See image here.

        On smaller projects I use a single saw configuration.

        This is one tool I cannot do without. By incorporating it into the equation, I have not only increased my precision, but also decreased overall project time.

        Now I only use my Milwaukee Tilt-Lok for stringers and roof.