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  • TS3650 Parts Question

    Hi Everyone,

    I recently purchased a TS3650, in spite of the fact that BORG made it extrememly difficult for me. Get this. The first one had 5 in stock, but after 45 minutes of searching, no one could find the second boxes with the rails. Store 2 had between 2 and 4 in stock, but no one seemed to know where the boxes with the rails were. Store 3 had 4 in stock, but no one knew where the rails were. See a pattern here? I went back to store 2, and found one of the boxes with the rails, but it had been opened. After waiting over 45 minutes for them to find someone to get a forklift to get the main box from the top shelf, I finally got my TS.

    My question is this:

    What are the contents of the smaller box with the rails?

    My opened box only contained the front and rear rail. Is that correct?

    Thanks in advance.


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    I suggest you give Ridgid Customer Service a call and ask them.
    I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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      First off, the box should have the rails, and some hardware to mount them. The manual from the main box should tell you what the exact contents should be. Just check off everything in the main box and then look to see what's missing.

      I'm not laughing at you, but at the situation in that a few weeks ago I was at a local HD and they had two boxes of 2424 or 2412 (not sure which???) rails sitting on a shelf. It says "Box 2 of 2."

      So I asked the tool guys if they had that saw in stock (since it would more than likely be on clearance for dirt cheap). They said no, didn't have any, hadn't had any in a long time. I pointed out the rails to them and they said that they sold the last 2 saws for a steep discount because they couldn't find the rails at the time. Someone found them a few weeks later in the plumbing department. So there they were, sitting on the shelf, just about useless.....and when I asked how much they wanted for them, they said they couldn't sell them. go figure....


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        The only thing in the box with the Rails is a bag with the plastic end caps for the rails and the screws for the cap. If the rails are in good condition I wouldn't sweat the caps and screws of they aren't there. I would call the parts number and have them send them. The bolts for mounting the rails to the saw are in the parts bag in the box with the saw.


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          sergei-----and others. Just a comment that strikes me as so funny-----if you look back in the achives of this forum, you will find many, many posts of people not being able to locate the rails for the various saw models they've carried. There were loads of 2412s and 3612s sold without rails because they couldn't locate them.

          Anyone inventory control specialists out there? I think you could make a good case for your services at HD. [img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img]


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            It is just more of HD's bad management. I have seen tool crib items on the top shelves on the opposite side of the store from the crib. A change of employees and nobody knows where they are. It is always a management problem. I know that dept managers are overworked and underpaid, I don't know about store managers. It is the managements responsibility to organize and maintain their inventory in a proper manner. A central person for each dept(the dept manager perhaps) should be responsible for and knowledgeable enough about his products to receive them into his dept and stock them where they can be found, including 2 box items being stocked together. Anything short of this is incompetence somewhere in the management chain.


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              Thanks for the input, everyone. I thought I'd give you guys an update. I went to a fourth HD today at lunch, and this one was much better organized and managed. I went straight to the tool corral, and the guy there actually knew what I was talking about (a first) with regard to the saw coming in two boxes. He knew exactly where the rails were: sitting on top of the boxed saws on the top shelf in another dept. What a novel concept: keeping them in the same place.... At first he was giving a little static about exchanging just the box of rails, but I made him take me directly to the store manager, who essentially said, "damn dude, just give him the new box of rails." He then said to shop at his HD next time. Cool guy. He jokingly blamed it on the night crews not having enough coffee. Another HD employee came up to me later to make sure that I was properly taken care of and said he had wanted to tell the first guy to shut up and give me the new box. hahaha. I almost felt like I was shopping somewhere else. I guess I'm lucky that I have about 10 HDs within 30 minutes...

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