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bed side rail tenons

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  • bed side rail tenons

    anybody have any suggestions on the easiest way to build tenons on a 81" long 6" wide 1.25" thick bed side rails? thanks.

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    Sure, I use my drill. That is, I use Beadlock loose tenons. They are a snap for such operations. In fact, I found out about the Beadlock system when I had the same problem as you have. After using the system for a while, I do 85% of my mortise and tenon joinery using loose tenons.

    Click here for a Worshop Demo of the Beadlock loose tenon sytem. You should find a link there that will take you to the Beadlock site for more info. BTW, total cost for the system is about $47 which includes 3/8" & 1/2" maple tenon stock.

    Give it a peek. It's simple, as strong or stronger than regular mortise and tenons and it's relatively inexpensive.

    Hope this helps.



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      thanks for the tip. i will take a look at that jig for my other projects. i just purchased a ridgid bandsaw last week and promptly put it to use to build the tenons on the bed headboard, footboard and side rails. i am building through tenons for an arts and crafts style bed so i dont think i could have use that method on this project.

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        Hi Nelson

        You're right of course, didn't realize you were making through tenons.

        From what you said, it appears the band saw is the way to go. I've done it on a router table as well but prefer the band saw. Less sanding to get the tenon just right.

        Best of luck.