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Dust Collection Poll - for Woodworkers

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    Re: Dust Collection Poll - for Woodworkers

    Originally posted by bluestyle11 View Post
    Have any of you guys found that you lack a little cfm with only having the 4" pvc piping as opposed to a 6" main line? As I set mine up, this has been a big decision for me.

    My other concern is that with the cyclone separator, I can only find 4" ports on them and not 6". So it seems the 6" main would be a waste in the end.
    I know the duct sizing (and more particularly the length of the duct runs) is far from ideal in my shop. However, I'm of the Churchill view -"In war, one cannot wait to have everything perfect".

    The cost of the 4inch plastic was pretty minimal, and it is very easy to work with. In a year or two, I may well knock out a wall between the two basement rooms that comprise my shop. At that point, the tool positions will become fixed (as there will be nowhere else to move them to!), and then I will upgrade the whole DC system. However, in the meantime, I've got chip collection running quite well, with my outlay being as low as I could reasonably get it for a functional system. I say chip collection, because the purists would argue that I'm not getting all the fine dust. I'm certainly getting most of it though!

    I have to say, I almost never think "this DC system needs reworking", but I quite often lament other aspects of my shop (bigger jointer, wider planer, more powerful table saw, etc).


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      Re: Dust Collection Poll - for Woodworkers

      Thanks guys, I have been pricing the 6" vs. the 4" and what I think I am going to do is run all 4" at this point. If in the future I need more cfm I can always just replace the main run with 6".
      I value the chip collection and def. want that as part of the system.
      My other idea is to have 2 or 3 'vents' off the main line that can be opened when needed to get more air when using tools with small ports. I believe this will also help keep the air clean along with the downdraft table.

      Thanks again


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        Re: Dust Collection Poll - for Woodworkers

        I use a single stage DC (delta) and wheel it around to my machines (jointer, planer, TS, etc) using a 5 foot length of 4" hose. The router table, CSMS, and hand power tools get the shop vac's 2 1/2" hose.


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          Re: Dust Collection Poll - for Woodworkers

          14 gal Ridgid vac connected to shop-made Thien separator connected to tool.

          Add bush and broom as needed.

          When dust starts piling up, hook hose to Ridgid vac outtlet, open garage door, and blow out the debris. I usually do this prior to beginning the coating application on any project.

          Practicing at practical wood working


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            Re: Dust Collection Poll - for Woodworkers

            Go, you could get a nice flocked look to your projects if you waited until after you had applied finish then blew out the dust.
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