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20% off Tools!!!

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  • 20% off Tools!!!

    I can't speak for everywhere but in Atlanta, GA Home Depot has 20% off nearly all power tools from 12/19/03-12/21/03 (Fri-Sun). I went to Lowes and they are going to match it with 20% off the same tool catagories as HD. They gave it to me today (Friday) and said it should be in the computers tomorrow. My understanding is that the catagories are handheld, bench, and stationary power tools.

    I saved $100 today!

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    Strange...I went there yesterday AM, and all i found was a bunch of ryobi tools on a table...nuttin special. I went to look at the Ridgid planer, and lo and behold, not on sale

    Depends which HD you go to , I guess
    Bummed out in CT
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      Originally posted by ralphthetoolman:
      Strange...I went there yesterday AM, and all i found was a bunch of ryobi tools on a table...nuttin special. I went to look at the Ridgid planer, and lo and behold, not on sale

      Depends which HD you go to , I guess
      Bummed out in CT
      If you want the stuff go order online. You can get it there on sale.


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        It is on hand held power tools only. If you can pick up a table saw and use it then maybe you'll get a deal on it. The stores don't have the sale posted in store, with the exception of ridgid and ryobi. The 20% will come off at the register.


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          I went in yesterday mid day. Very quiet in the box. I looked around a few minutes. A tool crib worker, the one that I hope to find when I have questions, came to me and asked if I knew about the 20% off power tools!! He went and verified that I could also use the 10% off coupon on top of that and came back with a yes. You may have to ask, or go to a different HD. My thought is that the tools have not been selling as well as they hoped and needed to do something drastic to get some excitement going. If tools have been selling well at your HD, they might not be as excited about giving up the extra $$s. Sure got my blood pumping . Jim.
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            There add Home Depot 20% Add shows a Delta 10" drill press while it is a bench model it is hardly a hand tool at least you could try that line of reasoning, If you were going to make a purchase anyway it never hurts to ask.
            happy successful shopping to all,

            P.S. If the link above doesn't work just go to the add loads on the main page


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              The signs in my local HD list about a dozen categories of power tools that are 20% off and Stationary Tools are clearly on there. I just came back from Lowe’s and they also have signs posted everywhere offering the same discount



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                I went to our nearby Lowe's after hearing they were matching - I wanted to pick up a Bosch portable planer. They had signs everywhere, just as woodslayer mentioned, but the price adjustment (at least for my planer) was not in the computer. The cashier had to get a manager to come over to approve it. So on a store by store basis, who knows what you might be able to get 20% off on

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                  Just got back from the local Lowe's...20% off all power tools seemed to apply to everything. They had signs everywhere. They even applied it to stuff I bought that was already marked down. Ended up saving 30%. The place was like a feeding frenzy. Merry Christmas to all!


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                    In upstate NY I saw the same thing today - 20% off ALL POWER TOOLS - standtionary and otherwise, all brands!

                    I had purchased a Ridgid portable table saw for $500 about 3 weeks ago, and asked about getting the difference - NO PROBLEM. Simply bring back your receipt - not the merchandise - and the basically "return" the item, and re-sell the same item to you with the 20% off. And now that also have the no-payments no-interest financing. Needless to say it was a nice present to get a surprise $100 back.

                    So, if you have bought anything in the past 30 days or so, take your receipt back and ask for the price match to the 20% discount. My store did so without any questions at all - no manager, no hassle, I got $100 refunded!

                    Good luck!


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                      Made my way to the "Box" today and the 20% seemed to be on almost everything. They had a Ridgid Circ. Saw for 95 Bucks and the 3650TS for $477 - the regular price is $597. Just had to put my request in to Santa for the Circ. Saw (my son burned my Skill). Have a good Christmas one and all. Rick (Rad Idealist/Realist)


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                        I have bought a ton of stuff from HD since the 1st of december. I went in today with the sales drafts and they did a return/resale for me. I got back $390 bucks; so I got some other stuff. I was very surprised that they would do it at all, but it was worth a shot and it worked. Got back $120 + tax on the TS3650, tha was huge. I thought I would share incase anyone else bought anything this month and wanted a lil cash back. Happy Holidays all.


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                          I just got back from doing a paper return and rebuy on my 4 pcs combo set...Saved $142.74 no problems....I had bought it on 11/4/2003..

                          Tried to by a spare battery at 20% off no luck there....