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    My 1300 planer is snipeing both ends of boards as they enter and leave the cutter head. I have adjusted both infeed and outfeed tables level with the bed. The problem with alignment is that the infeed and outfeed tables are about 1/16" below the level of the bed when the outside of the tables are parallel with the bed. Can anyone suggest somethng else I might try. It is driving me nuts because all I hear are good reports on these planners.

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    You actually want the far ends of the infeed and outfeed tables to be slightly HIGHER than the bed. I believe it even says so in the manual. Check out for an excellent discussion on snipe and how to minimize it.

    FWIW, my TP1300 has given me nothing but good results.


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      How longa boards are you runnin' through? Make sure you support them in and out. When I run 'em through I push down slightly until I see the board on the other side, and when they come out I keep my eyes and ears open to what the end of the board is doing and adjust out feed from there.Sometimes boards are warped and twisted and you're gonna get a little snipe! Always leave a little extra to be safe and trim off later mine doesn't run perfect.I just enjoy getting the feel for it and conquering it!!! Good luck!


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        I'm sorry,I take part of that back! So far my planer has run perfect! but my lumber hasn't always come out of the planer perfect!!!!! that's better LOL!


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          Thanks Kevin for the heads up on the alignment article. I will try it and be forever grateful if it solves the problem.



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            Al, manual says the outer edges are level with bed. Also I should've been a little more clear about adjusting the out feed. I should have said I adjust my flip-top stands higher or lower for both infeed and outfeed if it needs it. It depends what the board is like. Take a good look at you lumber first! Good luck!