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  • Completed 1st project..

    I completed my first project with me Rigid TS3650 Table Saw. I think the saw is A1.

    My first project was a router table\cabinet. The router plate is about 1/16" or 1\32" low compared to the table. Is there a way to fix this.

    TKS. Reboot

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    First, how about some pics?
    Only 1/16"? Maybe some thick tape should level it.
    I've used tables where the plate was not flush, they worked fine. But you might as well make it perfect.


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      Ok tks, will try that.


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        Maybe you could install set screws in the four corners similiar to the setup on your saws throat plate.
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          My first router table's plate was about 1/32 too low. I just put slivers of wood from my handplanes to get it just right. But masking tape or aluminum foil should work just the same.


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            I had to shim the T track on my table and used masking tape........the blue tape is easier to remove if you ever need to. Did you make your own plate? The reason I ask is that all the commercial tables have levelling screws.


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              Yes I made it out of 1/4 inch plexie glass.