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R4511 Thrown Belt, motor pulley loose.

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  • R4511 Thrown Belt, motor pulley loose.

    My saw threw the belt today. When I tried to put the belt back on to check the alignment, the motor pulley slipped off in my hand (along with the key).

    One odd thing was that the set screw was still hard to turn (either way) as I held the pulley in my hand. I broke it loose, and from the looks of it, they didn't tap it all the way to the center.

    I got the pulley back on, aligned and snug, and it seems to run fine again. I didn't have any thread locker handy, but when my replacement belt comes in, I'll probably use drop on the threads. In the meantime, I'll be checking it before each use.

    FWIW, I was pretty impressed at how smoothly and how long the blade continued to spin without the belt attached. I finally got tired of watching it and grabbed a piece of scrap to slow it down.

    Be careful out there. Take a moment to check yours, just to be sure.

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    Re: R4511 Thrown Belt, motor pulley loose.

    I got the new belt from McMaster-Carr today and the pulley seems to be holding (for now).

    Although this has been covered already, the new belt is much quieter while running, and especially while spinning down.