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A couple more ...............grins

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  • A couple more ...............grins

    You just MIGHT BE A WOODWORKER IF.........'ve never actually purchased furniture. agree that Norm isn't all that good without all those tools.
    ...counting to 10 on your fingers requires counting at least one finger twice.

    ...your nose and chin are deformed from the dust mask, your ear is deformed
    from the pencil and all of your pants pockets are schreaded at the seams from
    the tape measure.'ve ever been to Colonial Williamsburg for the purpose of meeting Roy
    Underhill, and then went home.
    ...your cash poor but wood rich. build the gifts that you give.

    if 50% of your electric bill is from the shop.
    if you wife calls out that she just make fresh biscuits and you come
    running with your slot cutter.
    if you can't see well enough to read in the living room, but need
    sunglasses in the garage.
    if you don't have kids, but sell your sports car for a minivan because it
    is over 4ft wide in the back.
    if your wife keeps complaining because you've sharpened the butter knives
    for practice.
    if your TV in on milk crates because you haven't made a stand yet and you
    REFUSE to buy one have any fingers or finger parts missing or have any really
    "high-quality" scars on your hands. I'm so uncoordinated that I always tell LOML
    that the job isn't finished until I've managed to draw some of my own blood. ; )

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    You might be a woodworker if the window unit air conditioner you installed in your shop dies after two months due to sawdust clogging the BACK-END coil (that would be the unit sitting on perfectly engineered and installed treated-wood braces)

    . . . you automatically produce home-made sawdust wood putty from the corners of your eyes and both nostrils.

    . . . You know the warranty expiration dates on all your power tools but have a devil of a time remembering your wife's birthday and your wedding anniversary.

    "You are a creative problem solver"
    - Mark,


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      Andy B.


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        The owners of the Hardwood Lumber Yard send you Birthday/Christmas Cards..........

        The lumber yard employees know your voice when you call..............

        You use saw dust as carpet fresh..........

        You run an airline to the bathroom cause the wife wanted a new hair dryer..........

        You hear the kids say, "Mom. Don't tell Dad we want (xxxxx), he'll just want to build it. Just buy it........."

        You clean your shop more than the house.......

        The only time you've ever used oven cleaner is on your blades...........

        You buy a larger tractor so you can build a larger shed .............
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