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Adjusting the heel on the TS2424

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  • Adjusting the heel on the TS2424

    Here's another thread on setup...I've noticed after a little use that the back of the blade was shaving my workpieces as I feed them against the fence. The front is cutting fine therefore indicating a problem with blade parallelism or "heel". Sure enough the back of the blade was out of square slightly towards the fence. I've figured out most of it, moving the trunions and all but I find that once I have it true, tightening the left and right trunion bolts throws it off about a 128th. Am I cranking these things down too tight? Any tips? This can get frustrating since after adjusting the heel you have to go through and adjust just about everything else again and can get very time consuming now that I'm on my third try. What kind of tolerance should I be looking for since perfect might be a little too high a standard or is it? Thanks all!
    - Tim

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    Do you have a dial indicator, this will make it much easier to get the heel set correctly. You want to make sure that everything is parallel to the left miter slot. I have my fence "open" .001 on the back side, that prevents the piece from getting pinched between the blade and fence. As far as the trunion moving when you tighten it, try just snugging the trunion bolts and double check the heel. If it is still correct work your way around the trunion bolts tightening each one a little at a time until, you get the trunion tight. That should stop it from moving on you.


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