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AC1035 14" Dado/Molding/Zero Clearance Insert problem...

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  • AC1035 14" Dado/Molding/Zero Clearance Insert problem...

    I was wondering if you could help with this from your end?
    I would like to buy a couple of the Ridgid AC1035 Zero Clearance Inserts from Home Depot which is Ridgid's exclusive source for peddling there power tools and machinery, but they do not carry it from what I have been told. I do realize that I can order one online from Ridgid Parts with little to no hassle, but with this being a "Consumable Item" for the 10" tablesaw's, should it not be carried in most local Home Depot retails stores as a shelf item?
    I am very disappointed to say that the AC1035 on line is $12.97 less freight and the AC1035 through the nearest Home Depot in Lincoln, Ne is $26.88 including freight because it is a special order... I would like to help support the Lincoln Home Depot store but I feel this is ridiculous... The store clerk told me that the cost for HD to buy the AC1035 from Ridgid was in the $18 dollar range and $6 to $7 was shipping.

    Sorry to rant but if this item were on the shelf I think many more of them would be sold than only online...

    I have seen Ryobi inserts as a shelf items before along with Delta and many other competitors at Lowes and various other places… Would be nice if HD would support Ridgid or visa versa…

    Probably should just keep making them instead… What are yours and the forums thoughts on this?
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    I live in St. Louis, where Ridgid is hq'ed, and I still couldn't find the zero-clearance inserts in my area HD's. I ordered 4 from the RidgidParts site and I had them in a few days with no hassle, and I didn't have to pay the special order fees from HD.

    Just order from the site and you'll be pleased...I was.



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      You can buy one from anywhere that fits a Craftsman saw if you're in a hurry....the dimensions are the exact same.
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        I too get a bit annoyed when I see all the Ryobi accessories at HD and nothing for Rigid. Sometimes I don't think HD knows their (@)$* from a hot rock, when it comes to merchandising or stocking popular items.

        For example, (I live within 45 min. of 2 HDs), each store got a case of the new Rigid Flip-Top stands. Bought one and 2 weeks later, was back trying to buy another----all sold out, and they've never re-ordered---that was 4 months ago.


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          I just made a post a few days ago which directly pertains to this subject. Last week I received my Chrstmas bonus from work, and an early Christmas Gift: a HD gift certificate. I was thinking about buying a DP1550, a HercuLift Plus (for my RAS1000), and several zero clearance inserts.

          Of course, my local HD only had the DP1500 (not the DP1550) and none of the accessories. I won't buy a "big" power tool without taking a close look at it first so the DP was a lost sale for HD (and Ridgid), I bought a Delta (from a local dealer) instead.

          However, I did order the HercuLift and inserts from Ridgid Online parts. Very happy with the service, I ordered on Monday and had them on Friday via standard UPS Ground Shipping.


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            To answer your question, unfortunately we cannot control what exactly HD carries, that is why we offer all the accessories direct to the customer, to make sure you have a place to buy the accessories you need.