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dado help! Amana? Jesada?

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  • dado help! Amana? Jesada?

    I recently got my 3612 table saw and am in the market for my first dado blade. For those of you who have been around longer than I have, maybe you could give advise about 2 brands that I know little about.

    I am looking at the Jesada joint master for $150 (24-tooth carbide with 4-tooth chippers). I have heard good things about it on this forum (which tipped me off to Jesada in the first place- thanks!).

    I also noticed the Amana set at I have heard a few good things about Amana in general but have never heard anyhing about their dados and that worries me. They have similarly priced sets with 46-tooth 24-tooth blades both with 2-tooth chippers. They say list price is $369 but they are selling it for $189 ($157 for 24-tooth though I've seen it online for $130). Is this a good deal??? I never take those list quotes for face value. I posted the links below since I know people regularly check this forum for advice on dados.

    The last possibility is the Freud superdado. I've heard good but mixed reviews. I have heard only good reviews of the Jesada. The fact that I haven't seen any reviews of the Amana makes me feel quite cautious about it.

    Thanks for all your help, this forum has helped me tremendously in choosing tools!!!

    The links... --the best Jesada price

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    Jesada makes a good product I have got plenty from them. My first question is how often do you plan to use this dado set? I almost baught the amana set but after some deeper thought I deceided to go with a less expensive set because I wasn't going to use it all the time.
    I chose to get an avenger set with six tooth chippers. I've only used it a few times but the results were better than I expected from a less expensive set and the joints were tight.

    So IMO if your not going to use it all the time I'd save the money for the band saw! HAHA

    Just my Opinion!
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      If you're not going to be using the Dado Set often, and want to spare your cash for other purchases take a look at the HF set. 42T blades with 6T chippers does surprisingly good, and produces flat bottoms!

      With the "right" code, these are available for $30.



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        I have the Freud 8" Super Dado ( for $169.99 w/free shipping). I used it yesterday on birch plywood for 23/32 dados and some rabbets. Excellent fit, no tear out and flat bottoms. I've been pleased with the set. Hope this helps you.


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          For the 3612, I'd personally stick with a 6" dado set, for starters. Then, you might thing about what material will you be using for most cuts. For example, different Freud dado sets work better for plywood---others for hardwood.

          Only thing to tell you to say away from is the Freud Safety Dado----design feels like your chipping out the dado with an axe head


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            I think if I was going to spend that money I'd take a hard look at Forrest. Just bought the combination blade and it is sweet!


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              I think I'm going to replace my 2 tooth chipper set with the new Woodcraft 5 tooth chipper 8" works great on the 2424, but it has a chipped tooth. I'm gonna save the set I have for the bench saw and have the tooth fixed, but for $55 the Woodcraft is very affordable.
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                I bought the Jesada set over a year ago and have no regrets! It cuts flat and tight miters in all kinds of wood and has the special 3/32" blade for tight plywood miters. I would go with the Jesada set for the high quality and performance.

                You might try Viking Mountain Tool Works to purchase the dado set and other Jesada tools. Their web address is:



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                  Thanks for your input!!

                  To answer some of your questions, I will probally use the dado equally for plywood and hardwood. I probally won't be using it all too much right now (I do ~5 large projects a year) but I'm a young guy and want a dado that will last.

                  Does anybody have any insight on the Amana dado? It is cheaper (I've seen it for as low as $125) but I have never seen any comments or review on it which scares me.

                  As far as the Forrest, it is $100 more than I really want to spend. I could swallow $50 more but $100 is a little high. That said, I have the WWII and am glad I spent the extra money for that. has it right now for $90 which isn't much more than a good Freud!!

                  Also, for those of yo uwho check this posting, I agree with for Jesada purchases.

                  Any input out there on the cheaper Amana dado (compared to Freud superdado or Jesada)?


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                    i own the black freud set (forgive me as i do not recall the model number) but the set is less than 100.00 and is sold at home depot. as far as the amana, heard great things about the saw blades. the forrest seems a little pricey for the amount of use you intend to get out of it. you said you want a good set that will last and therefore i would stay away from the harbor freight set!

           is a great company. i have bought several blades from them at their ventura store and they are awesome,, reasonably priced, and very knowledgable. you might also consider the CMT set. but i think that is a little more expensive than the freud black set i speak of. this set has served me well on my ridgid table saw.
                    good luck
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                      Has anyone had their stacked dado blade sets resharpened from any of the popular manufacturers and what was the total cost. Or do U just toss the set.


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                        i personally have not had mine sharpened but if it can be done i am sure can do it and they will be reasonable
                        \"A SHIP OF WAR IS THE BEST AMBASSADOR\"<br /><br />OLIVER CROMWELL


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                          I think the makers of the Forrest blades will also sharpen any blade.



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                            Forrest does sharpen dados. I have posted a link for their prices. Though, I haven't used their service yet, I did read a review where it was rated as very good.



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                              The dado set I'm going to recommend is the Jesada Joint Master 6"($139.00) or the 8"($179.00) these set are worth there weight in gold. If you have a bit more money I would get the Cabinetmaker's Utilmate blade package From Jesada. You get two 10" saw blades and a 8" dado set for ($289.90) I hope this helps!
                              Andy B.