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    I am a Shopsmith owner who is looking to add a tablesaw to my shop. I've grown tired of the small table on my model 500, as well as some of the other hassles of sawing on a Shopsmith. Having said all that, I have been looking at the Ridgid 3612 pretty closely. I'm torn between it and the Jet contractors' saw, but am leaning toward the 3612 because of the Hercu-lift and the left-tilt blade.

    How easy is the saw to set up? Was it pretty accurate "right out of the box"? Any "gotchas" I should be aware of?

    Thanks to all,


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    I put my 3612 together about a month and a half ago. It took me the better part of a weekend, but I made sure I double checked all squareness and stops twice. The saw pretty much went together effortless (well, putting the actual saw on the stand strained me a little) Everything lined up and no shims or swearing was needed.

    Anyway, the only thing that I can say confused me a little was the lifting mechanism for the casters. It really needs to be set up just right and have plenty of play for it to work properly. Once set up though, it lifts the saw an inch up so you can roll it wherever you want.

    Good luck if you decide to purchase. I think you'll find it a good investment! [img]smile.gif[/img]


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      I have the 2424 and if the 3612 is anything like that you will have no problems. Ridgids documentation is excellent. The herc-u-lift is great. On top of all that it's a great saw too! Dave

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        Frank H,
        I am a TS2424 owner and the TS3612 is very similar... I am very pleased with my saw as many others are... I would recommend taking a look at the complete online manual for the TS3612 by clicking this link: ... That way you can familiar yourself with it before you purchase... I would buy the Ridgid again if I were looking... Also se this link:

        Let us know what you decide and welcome to the forum…
        Regards,<br /><br />Big Johnson<br /><br />Pictures: <a href=\" gallery&file=index&include=view_album.php\" target=\"_blank\"> gallery&file=index&include=view_album.php</a>


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          The TS3612 is great. I spent about eight hours or so putting it all together. The assembly is straightforward, just time consuming. The manual is very good. Mine didn't require any shims, and it was almost perfectly aligned out of the box. The set screws in the top make it a snap to align - you won't find that feature on most saws. I posted some comments about it on this forum a while back that you could probably find if you search for the 3612 using the website's search feature.


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            I bought a TS3612 less than a month ago. It is my first table saw and I am mostly happy with it so far. The included carbide blade makes very smooth cuts in my oppinion. Vibration is low, it passes the nickel on edge test. The ruler in the fence guide bar is very accurate; I often get cuts that are within 0.005 " from what the guide bar ruler says it should be.

            The thing that gave me the most grief was getting the blade guard and splitter assembly adjusted correctly. In fact I think it still isn't adjusted quite right so I will probably tinker with it again when I am in the right mood. Another problem area was that the slots in mitre gauge weren't wide enough to accept 1/4 " screws so I had to enlarge them in order to attach the auxiliary facing.

            The extension wings weren't as parallel with the table top as I though they ought to be, so I used paper shims to bring them closer to parallel. Not sure if it was really worth the trouble though.

            The dust collector hood made me curse out loud a few times during installation, but eventually it fell into place.

            One thing I noticed recently is that the rip fence isn't exactly perpendicular to the table top. I am still pondering if trying to adjust that is worth the trouble.


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              simply put...Buy the Saw.
              You will not be disapointed. If you are, your covered by the lifetime warrenty.
              It took me exactly 8 hours to assemble my 2424 and the 3612 is basically an upgraded fence system.
              Follow the links Big Johnson posted, it will lead you to the World of Ridgid, which in my opinion, you will never return.
              And welcome to the best group of woodworks on the net! Anytime you need any advice, we are here to assist you.

              Adjusting the fence is easy, actually fun.
              when I'm waiting for something to do inbetween glue ups, I check and adjust it because it's so easy!
              As for the guard and splitter..
              well, I'm a safety cautious person, but I have to admit. I took the guard out of the box and deposited in the pegboard cabinet where it is still collecting dust. I have read reviews though that it is the simplest of ANY saw to take on and off. Adjustment was never mentioned so I'm dumb as a box of rocks on that.

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              John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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                My 3612 is my 1st TS. Within the limits of my ability to measure, everything was square, plumb, and parallel out of the box. Never used any of the suppled shims.

                The only thing I had a problem with was the Herc-U-Lift. I found the directions to be confusing; still don't have the feet adjusted quit right. However, the thing is well worth the effort.


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                  Frank---welcome---and buy the saw I have a very old Emerson/Rigid, which, bare bones, is the same saw and have used it with great results, for 13 years. The good news is Rigid has done nothing but improve the basic design, to the point that the 3612 is a far superior saw to it's older relative. It will be a great compliment to your ShopSmith.


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                    Frank H,
                    I was surfing another forum last night and found someone else who is thinking about buying TS3612. Here is the link:

                    There are at least 9 more happy people from what I read and a guy who is getting a new saw... There are folks on many of the other forums I visit that are very pleased with there Ridgid saw's and have spoke positive, I think you would be too...
                    Regards,<br /><br />Big Johnson<br /><br />Pictures: <a href=\" gallery&file=index&include=view_album.php\" target=\"_blank\"> gallery&file=index&include=view_album.php</a>


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                      Woody -

                      Once again, a misunderstanding, the 'Lifetime Warranty' does not cover 'Satisfaction'. It is a "Manufacturing Defects" only and those at Ridgid's determination. There was a thread recently about this and no-one from Ridgid would comment on the warranty except to say "read the warranty".



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                        I stand corrected.
                        My miss speaking of words put my foot in my mouth.
                        I should have stated that "IF" anything is wrong with the saw, Ridgid will stand behind it 100%.
                        I appologize.
                        John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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                          Thank you very much for the replies and the advice. I plan to buy the saw very soon, and will let you know my experiences in putting it together.