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    I'm pretty much of a computer idiot. I know a lot more about running a radial saw than a lap top. But I'll borrow the digital camera and try to get some pictures posted in the near future. I plan on doing some woodworking this weekend. Just starting a craftsman style floor lamp. Really I'm still in the design phase. What's everybody else got going this weekend? Lots of barbecue I bet. Everyone have a safe 4th.


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      Bob, it's good to meet you. It's not an easy thing reaching out to craftsmen frustrated with a mysterious shift in business by when your not to blame, but you did it with grace and are to be commended--regardless of how this whole Ridgid thing goes down.

      Good luck with house and do send pictures when you get the chance just like Big Johnson asks, but make sure you've put your pants on in the morning before you start snapping away. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
      Patrick<br /><br />


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        I'm going to BBQ this weekend, but not Hot Dogs and Hamburgers. Have five planes I've got to Re-Jappan. 25 minutes at 220 degrees!
        Everyone have a great weekend!
        Rob Johnson
        Just tilt your head a little and it will look straight!


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          Bob, good luck with the camera! I would be interested in seeing some pics of your house and projects. If you have problems getting the pictures on the web, ask and someone can probably lend a hand.

          This weekend, I'm making sawdust (I don't have kids yet [img]smile.gif[/img] ) Actually I've been making sawdust EVERY night for 2 weeks. Man life is good (and my wife is understanding). Hopefully I'll put the first coat of stain on this hope chest over the weekend. It is solid oak lined with aromatic cedar and a chevron in the oak grain on front and back. It is a weddng present for my best friend so the time put into it is well worth it.


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            hey bob

            thanks for finally filling us in. looking forward to seeing what ridgid finally ends up doing with regard to their woodworking line


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              Good to hear from you Bob. I think your formal introduction has changed a lot of peoples initial opinions about you. I'm sure things are quite hectic at Ridgid right now. It will be nice when this forum gets back to its roots and we can forget about all the hooplaw going on. Hopefully you will be able to keep us informed of any important news happening. As for your shop, it sounds like mine, small and cluttered. I think many of us are in the same situation but that doesn't change our love for woodworking!