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  • Suggestions on Band Saw Table

    I am a serious band saw user, but I have been using the factory-supplied table and fence! I am now thinking of ways to expand the use of the band saw, and one of the first things that comes to mind is a bigger table and an improved fence. Thought about building it myself, but noticed that there are some nice-looking aftermaket models out there.

    Here are the models I am looking at:
    1. Rockler's band saw table & fence. This would increase my table size to 24x24 and give me a circle-cutting jig. But the fence doesn't have micro-adjust. They are asking about $165 for the table and re-saw fence.
    2. FastTrack fence. This has a micro-adjust feature and a re-saw attachment. But there is no improvement to the table and no circle-cutting attachment. Woodcraft sells this one for about $130 with all the attachments.

    Are there any others out there? Or has someone come up with a good build-it-yourself design?


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    Drop me an e-mail, and I'll send you a picture of my home built table and fence.

    As far as BS blade goes. One word says it all.

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      Here are a few links. I want to make my own and have been collecting some ideas. I have some pages I saved to my drive but can not find the links. They may be gone. American WW has a nice resaw table and jig as a project of the month and also a rolling cart for under the drill press. If you can not find them, I can zip them up and send them.

      Hope this helps.



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        Check your e-mail! WARNING it's a large file!
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