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55" vs 66" jointer for 8' lumber?

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  • 55" vs 66" jointer for 8' lumber?

    I'm about to buy a jointer. Based on my budget an 8" is out of the question, but I can afford either a 55" Jet ($800) or a 66" Powermatic ($900). I'd like to be able to edge joint 8' lumber for bookcases and perhaps some tables. I assume this is possible with a 66" bed. Anyone know how practical this is with the shorter 55" bed?

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    Re: 55" vs 66" jointer for 8' lumber?

    Here is an 8" jointer that is within your budget, G0656P and it's 72" which is better yet.
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      Re: 55" vs 66" jointer for 8' lumber?

      the longer the beds the better,

      but I have jointed 8 foot on a shorter bed that that many a times, one has to keep the Board down tight on the bed but with some care either one should do you well,

      I have been reasonable pleased with Grizzly products, not that I have a lot of there stuff but have found there equipment good,
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        Re: 55" vs 66" jointer for 8' lumber?

        longer is better as has been said but the rule of thumb is to have a front table that is at least half the length of the longest board you expect to joint. which is not to say that it would be useless on a longer board only that for average use and reasonable effectiveness and accuracy a table half the length of the board is good and longer is better if its within your grasp financially.
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