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Add t-slot to older ts2400?

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  • Add t-slot to older ts2400?

    I have a two year old TS2400 (the mobile table saw).

    I just saw the new model, which appears to be essentially the same saw except for a t-slot miter attachment.

    I would really like to have this feature on my current saw. Anyone have any ideas what can be done with the aluminum top to add the t-slot?

    I figure there are two ways to do it - enlarge the current slot to hold a t-slot (screw in), or cut a T in the bottom of the current miter slot.

    Is attempting to modify the current aluminum top foolish/dangerous/suicidal?



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    Roger, check around before doing any modifications. I believe it was Woodcraft that I saw the T slot track that will fit inside the miter slot of your saw. Or it might have been Rockler. I have been meaning to look it up and order some but have just been too busy. I also have the Gray model 2400 Just looked and found this

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      Thanks - the only problem is that I have an Incra 5000 sled that requires a normal sized slot. If I put a t-slot inside of my existing slot I won't be able to fit this miter guage in it.

      The Rockler site had an Amana t-slot cutter. I sent an email to the Amana technical support email address to see if they have anything they recommend for cutting this aluminum top.

      I guess I could always find a machine shop locally with the equipment to do it correctly.

      Thanks again!



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        Roger, I am planning on drilling and tapping the original slot and mounting the T with flat head screws so that it can be easily removed for my Tenon jig and crosscut sled.
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          If you check the parts catalog for the TS24000 your saw and the TS24000LS new saw they use the same catalog. Perhaps you could just order a whole new top P/N 827546. If you call the parts line they should be able to tell you if it will work 1-866-539-1710. No idea of cost

          Ridgid WW parts catalog


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            If you try to re-machine it you won't have anything the material in the top isn't thick enough. I think you find this out if you get down with a flashlight & look up at the bottom of your saw.