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Securing drill press table???

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  • Securing drill press table???

    I just built a drill press table similar to woodpeck's or Rockler's. 1" baltic birch with 2 t-tracks for hold-downs and the Incra fence section which is a serve-all in my shop. The problem is how to secure it to the drill press table. I have some thoughts but after blank staring at the hardware section in HD and nothing looking good, I thought that someone out there may have a nifty solution I hadn't thought about.

    I don't want to use wood screws from the bottom because I'll take it off semi-reguarly to clamp a drill press vise and after a while, the screws will strip.

    I couldn't find flat head machine screws big enough at HD.

    I thought about sinking those black allen-wrench bolts with the cylindrical top so they are flush with the table top and just bolting from the bottom. But those allen-wrench bolts don't have much of a lip to them to hold in the birch ply and washers for the heads leave too large of a gap when countersunk.

    Anyway, I'm drawing a blank, there has got to be a "right" or better way of doing this. People who have done this, please help

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    I just used 1/4" lag bolts from the bottom, but you don't want to use wood type screws. How about some threaded inserts like the kind available at Rockler, coming from the bottom? They screw into a drilled hole, then a bolt screws into them. A few large flat washers and your set.
    Rob Johnson
    Orange Ca.

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    Just tilt your head a little and it will look straight!


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      I was thinking about your problem a little and was wondering if you could bore into the top of your table with a forstner bit, just deep enough to allow the head of the hardware shown in the picture below to sit flush or a little below the table top, and attach the knob from the under side of the table for quick removal.
      When boring slightly with the forstner bit it will give you center point to drill your smaller diameter through hole for the threads to protrude through. You might have to drill clear through the cast drill table to or maybe you will find some existing holes that you can hit.
      This is just a thought... Hope it helps...
      This exact hardware might not be your answer but you might find something similar in smaller quantities at one of your local retailer…

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        Thanks for your help. I found something similar to Big's suggestion at Lowe's. It is gold too so it matches my Incra t-track well [img]smile.gif[/img] Per backyard's solution, the threaded inserts I found at Lowe's were T style so the lip would mess up the flat bottom on the drill press table. Thanks for both of your help! Sometimes it helps to have an idea what to look for when staring at the specialty hardware section! -Robert


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          I used some regular old bolts with washers at the bottom to secure it. I used a forstner bit at the top and sunk a hole a little deeper than the nut depth. Then I drilled a hole into the recess the diameter of the bolts. (there is a name for this, but I can't remember) Now I can secure the table well, and then unbolt it when I need to.