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Lining up baseboard trim

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  • Lining up baseboard trim

    I have to lay down some baseboard trim in my hallway. Now then, one wall spans from the hallway into the kitchen and the new flooring in the kitchen is about an 1/8 to a 1/4" higher than the flooring in the hallway due to the underlayment and flooring over the old flooring. New carpeting is going in the hallway and the carpet layers told me to place the new baseboard right on the old flooring. So with this transition in height from the halway into the kitchen, what is the best way to make sure the baseboard trim is level...or looks level, and how would I match the corners up with a piece coming from another room? I have a few ideas but if anyone else has a thought, please post a reply. Thanks

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    I have laid base for carpeting many times and never right on the floor. I always allow 1/4"-1/2" for the pile of the carpet. Since you have only 1/4" difference, unless it's outdoor carpeting, I'd keep it 1/4" above the floor everywhere there's carpet.

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      I'm with Kelly---never seen baseboard, with carpet, right on the floor.

      Anyway, I just finished up some similar work. For a 1/4" difference, if it's a long wall, you should be able to get enough flex from the baseboard to make it look right. Or, if you want to get really accurate, you could trim some from the higher floor surface. However, I'd be tempted to wait for the carpet to be installed, at least on walls with a transition. You may find the carpet will cover any difference in floor levels.