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  • R4516 Dado

    Can someone with experience please clarify for me:

    1. What is the maximum diameter of dado blade this saw will accept?
    2. What is the maximum width of dado stack that can be used?

    Yes I read the manual, two of them actually - one from Ridgid's website,
    and the one that came with my saw.

    The online manual -

    On page I found the following line:
    "This saw is designed for use with a 6 in. stack dado (up to width of 3/4 in.)."

    Now, the manual that came with my saw says nothing about the diameter, only to use blades rated below the max RPM, and that their width should not exceed 1/2" (page 32).

    Furthermore, I believe I saw some earlier posts in this forum that using a 8" stacked dado was fine too.

    Please clear it up for me.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: R4516 Dado

    Sorry I omitted the page number for on line manual. It is page 32 where its says that the saw can take 3/4" wide dado.


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      Re: R4516 Dado

      I've never used your saw, but, it seems to me like an 8" dado is A LOT for that little saw to be spinning, especially in any kind of hardwood. I'd also be very surprised if your arbor is long enough for anything larger the 1/2".

      Hope it helps,


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        Re: R4516 Dado

        Since page 40 of the PDF copy of the manual states:

        "All blades and dado sets must not be rated less than the speed of this tool. This saw is designed for use with a 6 in. stack dado (up to width of 3/4 in.). Do not use an adjustable dado on this saw."

        I would not use anything other than a 6" dado set with that saw. That would still provide a depth of cut of 1 1/4". Which should be sufficient for most normal uses of a dado blade.
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          Re: R4516 Dado

          This saw will take an 8 inch dado set but you are better off with a 6 inch set. The real issue is the size of the motor and how much steel it has to spin AND cut wood at the same time. I believe the saw will take a full 3é4 inch width.
          But imagine for a moment, all the steel that is involved in 2 cutting surfaces and probably 4 chippers in an 8 inch dado, then the same thing in a 6 inch dado. The smaller one will help preserve your motor and do just as good a job (maybe better) at cutting your dados.
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            Re: R4516 Dado

            I have an 8 inch and it seems to work fine. you will either have to open up the size of the dado throat or not raise up the blade more then 1.2 inches. Check this height yourself to be sure. Alway rotate the the blade with the saw unplugged by hand before making any cuts. Not sure if it puts any undo strain on the motor but it doesn't seem to.