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  • MS1290 Sliding Miter won't cut straight

    I’ve got the Ridgid MS1290LZ that I purchased used about a year ago. I’ve been using it to build a cabin which I have nearly completed. Now that I’ve gotten in to the trim and other work that requires more precision I’ve found a problem with the slide.
    I’ve been reading some other posts that I guess is the same problem I’m experiencing. I’m dredging up the problem again to see if anyone has yet come up with a fix or any other ideas. If I square the blade to the fence it remains square while the saw is extended or retracted but it moves about 1/8” to the right as the saw is pushed all the way to the back. I am able to extend the saw and square the fence to the line of travel as it is pushed in and it seems to follow a good straight path watching a single saw tooth ride along the edge of a square. However, that leaves the blade no longer square to the fence… If you were able to adjust the blade to be parallel and arbor perpendicular with the slides similar to how you would adjust a radial arm saw then it would resolve the problem. Has anyone had any suggestions as to how you could tweak slightly the alignment of the saw head with the slides? After calling Ridgid Tech Support they are telling me the only fix is to replace the pivot assembly but that doesn’t look like it would resolve the problem even if I was stupid enough to sink that much money back in it. The slide seems to track straight and not on an arc, the blade just isn’t parallel.
    I’ve got a nice basement area in the cabin that I was going to setup my wood shop in and was hoping to have a nice accurate sliding CMS (without having to buy a new one…) Even worse, I really like the features and setup of the Rigid and haven’t found one I would rather replace it with unless there is no fix.

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    Re: MS1290 Sliding Miter won't cut straight

    Would the four gib screws for the slide rails move the head to the required position? If the saw can not be adjusted then take it to an authorized repair center and have them repair it under warranty


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      Re: MS1290 Sliding Miter won't cut straight

      No, the gib screws will take any play or slop out of the slide but don't help with the alignment issue. Unfortunately since I didn't purchase the saw new they tell me the warranty does not apply.