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12 gal wet dry problem

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  • 12 gal wet dry problem

    I recently cleaned the filter on my 12 gal wet dry, now when I turn on the unit, it vacuumns but also sends out air from the blower port. Please advise.

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    Re: 12 gal wet dry problem

    Originally posted by davidwe View Post
    it vacuumns but also sends out air from the blower port. Please advise.

    Do you mean it sends out "DUST" from the blower port? It always sent out "air".

    Basically the thing works because it's designed to blow the air out of the container, sucking it through the filter as it does so. That of course produces a vacuum in the bucket and the hose, which needs to be replenished by the atmospheric pressure on the outside of the bucket. In that need, it takes in anything the open end of the hose is directed to, including debris. The filter of course, keeps that debris from passing back out of the bucket in the exhaust stream.

    So, air will always blow out the exhaust; at least until the filter gets plugged and burns out the motor . So, you need to keep the filter clean and the bucket emptied as much as possible.

    But, if you are in fact blowing "DUST" out the filter, then either the filter is damaged or it is not seated properly because of a damaged or ill-fitting seal, or the retaining cap is not properly fitted. Whatever the case, something is allowing the air to by pass the filter paper.

    If the filter is damaged, I'm afraid you'll have to buy a new one, sorry!

    I hope this helps,



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      Re: 12 gal wet dry problem

      It is also possible that you have the wrong filter attached for your applicatoin. If you are using the standard filter that came with your vac (probably a VF4000) and picking up things like fire place ash or dry wall dust they can go straight through a standard filter.

      For these applications you would need to purchase a VF5000, fine dust particle filter.

      Hope that helps!