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Knob turning on WL1200

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  • Knob turning on WL1200

    Can someone please tell me how to turn knobs and pulls on a WL 1200 lathe? I am totally self taught on a lathe and have had a lot of sucsess with it so far but I just can't figure out how to turn a knob on it. It would seem to me to need some type of a reducer collar that would attach a 3/8" dowel to the "turning shaft". It's probley a very simple thing to do but I just can't figure it out. I bought a 4" faceplate for bowl turning hopeing that it would shed some light on the problem but no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! -- David

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    I hope this explanation will make sense. Some things are so easy to show, and so hard to describe.

    Straightforward and inexpensive way is to make a screw chuck. Take a piece of wood (3/4"ish stuff) and attach it to your faceplate. Turn it round, and flatten the face.

    (Here's the part I hope make sense)As you look at the face spinning, it is easy to see the very center. Put a little dimple there. Stop the lathe and remove the faceplate. Drill a hole through the wood face, right where the dimple is.

    Now you can run a screw from the back of the wood face, and screw it into your knob blank. Turn your knob, and when you're finished the mounting hole becomes the hole to screw it to a door or drawer.

    Safety tips: Don't use drywall screws, as they are brittle and may fracture in use. Like all lathe work, use a full-face mask. Mine has a nasty scrape on it where a Maple knob flew apart, it would really have hurt if it hit my forehead.

    Making knobs is a lot of fun. I have a ten drawer cabinet in my shop that has all knobs different, just for ideas. Enjoy.



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      Another way to go about this is a three jaw chuck. All you'd have to do is mount the dowel into the chuck and turn away! If you were to start from square stock you'd need a four jaw chuck.