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Emptying bag from DC2000 dust collector

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  • Emptying bag from DC2000 dust collector

    Seems I have an orphaned dust collector. Even Ridgid has nothing about it on their website and the only references I can find are on this board from people saying they heard such a machine was once made.

    Yeah, it was made. One was given to me. I have no manual and need to remove the bag to empty it. Anyone have instructions for this thing?


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    Re: Emptying bag from DC2000 dust collector

    If it's anything like my Harbor Freight DC the bag is held on by an over sized radiator type clamp. Just undue the clamp, slide the bag off of the DC and empty the bag.
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      Re: Emptying bag from DC2000 dust collector

      you can find a copy of the parts breakdown sheet at the link below which might be of help. The exploded diagrams will show you how it is assembled which should allow you to figure out how to remove and install the bag.
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