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Ridgid R4512 Table Saw: Unpacking and Assembly

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    @ aaron_s --- Be certain to check the blade for being square to the miter slot. That's a CRITICAL part of the set-up of this saw. Once that's good you are good to go. Make some sawdust!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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      Will do - I finally got the thing completed last night and got it going. Had a bit of trouble trying to pass a large sheet of 5/8" plywood through it for a 24" rip cut. Almost like the blade was starting to seize up and the motor was struggling. Turned it off, back on, and made some headway. Finally after cutting for a bit a chunk of wood about 1/2" thick and 20" long fell out of it and it started cutting a lot better. Guess I should check more frequently around the inside if there are chunks that could seize the motor. Anyway, that might not even be the problem because it kind of kept doing the same thing...

      As for the legs... I moved it around the garage a bit and set it down and solid as a rock. And then for some reason an hour later, I can't remember if I moved it again or if it had been in the same position, but it had a wobble in it (blade is/was off by the way). Not sure... scratching my head, slightly irritated.


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        aaron_s ....... I've never had that problem with the motor bogging down. I would ask 2 things though.

        1. are you possibly feeding the stock through too fast?
        2. Did you change the blade that came with the saw?

        A better blade (and one matched to the cuts) is a big deal also. It took me a while to understand that when ripping you should use a 40 or fewer teeth blade. For crosscutting you can step up to 60 or more teeth depending on the material you are cutting. The Forrest Woodworker-II 40 tooth blade does an excellent job of ripping and cross cutting on hardwoods. When I cut plywood (just did a project with 3/4 Oak ply) I use a 60 tooth blade and have VERY good results. My saw sits quite solid on a fairly flat garage floor. Occasionally it will wobble slightly and I just "wiggle" it a bit & it settles right down. Perhaps something got under the leg.


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          I got one of those also. I successfully got it put together to find that I have a bent castor. I guess I can deal with that. My main issue, or rather biggest problem was getting rid of the giant box and all of the styrofoam. The week before I had purchased the 6 1/8 joiner/planer. Same problem getting rid of the enormous box. I finally took a box cutter to them and cut them up into many pieces and stuffed them into my trash can. It still took me a few weeks to get rid of it all.